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horns in the works

5 Jun

20130605-161425.jpg20130605-161438.jpg20130605-161444.jpg Been working on this handsome devil for a little while. He is coming along nicely, albeit a bit slowly with distractions of the upcoming move… Rams always make me think of Radium BC, the gateway to the valley where you can find Windermere Lake and my family cabin. I have enjoyed being back with pencil in hand, mapping out ideas and getting lost in the line work of texture. Thought I should share some of my recent studio progress with you, as it’s been a little while.

feeling the pressure

14 Nov

Sorry to use bad puns, but I have been feeling the pressure (both literally and figuratively) this week; I have been spending a lot of time hand-pressing new coasters, magnets, pocket mirrors and buttons in preparation for The Make It! Handmade Revolution show in Edmonton, Alberta which is a short 7 sleeps away, so it is crunch time!!!

the wrong holiday?

26 Oct

I know it’s almost Halloween, but to be honest my brain has been on Christmas. In preparation for the 5 craft shows I’m doing this upcoming holiday season, I have had my paws busy designing some new festive and yule inspired treats. I am mixing up watercolors today and hoping to finish these wonderful hand-drawn designs by the end of the weekend. Although they’re not done yet, I thought I’d be cheeky and give you a sneak peek at what I’ve been working on in the studio lately.