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words of wisdom

22 Jun

IMG_4964A quote by Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu has been on my mind lately. IMG_4934 IMG_4937 IMG_4942I spent an afternoon down by the river and decided to start this little watercolour piece. The following morning in the studio I enjoyed illustrating the text with white gouache, and adding a bunch of intricate purple shadows. I created this piece purely for myself, with the sole intention of just putting these inspiring words to paper… however, since completing it, I’ve realized there are a lot of beloved quotes that I would like to illustrate, and it’s always wonderful to share found wisdom with others. Therefore, this is the first (of hopefully many) little mixed media pieces that I’ll be creating about wise words.


14 Sep

I’m so excited to be unveiling my latest body of work to you today! Pre-Birds is an on-going series of watercolor paintings that I’ve been creating; they are inspired by the gorgeous colors, textures and patterns of bird egg’s from around the world. Eight pieces have just been listed in my etsy shop (available for only $25 each), and more of these beauties are currently in process in the studio. Want to see other photos of these paintings and learn more about each egg? Just click on the one that you’re curious about!As I mentioned in my post earlier this week (which chronicled detail shots of 4 of the pieces above), I am an artist who is fueled by my fascination with line, texture, media exploration, and of course nature, so this series naturally developed from these personal interests. I have wanted to further incorporate watercolor painting into my practice for quite sometime, because I’ve used it mostly in mixed media pieces (especially my altered book work) but never much on its own. Exploring the wet on wet & dry on wet techniques, as well as playing with the layering capabilities of this medium has been an incredible, exciting and adventurous journey. I am hopeful that the varying marks, line weights, textures, and colors capture not only the luscious sensibilities of these beautiful bird eggs but also the delicate nuances of the medium itself. What do you think of my watercolor Pre-Birds?

making mail boxes smile

29 Jan

Back in 2008 my most amazing friend Justice Bicycle started a mail art group to help ease the pain of a boring summers between semesters and to have something actually fun show up in your mailbox. Essentially the only rule was, if you got something in the mail, you had to send something back. What you send is completely up to you. It truly can be anything: drawings, poems, photos, found objects, memorabilia, stickers, paintings, prints, trading cards, etc – your imagination is the limit! Over the years, people have been curious about the idea & asked if they could exchange with me. Now I have all sorts of people on my mail art list including colleagues, friends, family, studio mates and twitter followers. It finally hit me just last week to start documenting some of the things I send, as it has become an important creative outlet for me and essentially is a secret part of my practice.

I sent a package filled with love to Anika Starmer and was so happy to hear her reaction: “@jessicagowling OMG! got your mail art today! almost cried when I saw the painting you made. seriously thank you SO much. love love LOVE it! if you’re not familiar w/her artwork check her out. super talented & a lovely person.” It feels so awesome to spend a few hours of my day to make someone miles away smile and feel special. The best goodie in the envelope? A watercolor portrait of her two cute dachshunds Otto and Kasi.

I also sent a fun parcel to @ezerd containing a limited edition gocco print, stickers and a mini collage featuring lemurs (shown below). “Got some radtastic mail art today from @jessicagowling !!! Happy happy! Thanks Jess!” You’re VERY welcome my robotic friend!

I will of course be posting info and photos about future mail art packages, after I know they have arrived safely (I don’t want to spoil a good surprise). Also will be posting when I get responses mailed back!