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turkey temptations

8 Oct

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Thanksgiving is about reflecting on your many blessings, and appreciating all of the great gifts that are part of your everyday life; but let’s be honest, it’s also an excuse to gorge on a gigantic plate of the most delicious, savory and heart-warming food any kitchen has to offer. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, buns, brussels sprouts, salads, wine…. need I say more? My weekend has been full of delicious food and gratitude.

quick update

18 Jun

As you know from my post last week, my life is in serious transformation mode right now and I am trying to keep my head on straight as I dive right into all of these crazy, exciting and quickly approaching changes. I am working on a big blog post about this past week’s adventures in the West Kootenays while road-tripping to do some house hunting… there are tons of great photos to show you! Plus I will be soon sharing a few personal reflections that have arisen since being faced with some things that are totally new and unknown. Before my own move was happening, I mentioned in a post a while ago about my parents recently selling their home of over 25 years, that I am a Taurus and therefore often find comfort in routine and simplicity; complicated unknowns aren’t usually my cup of tea… however when faced with them in the past I must admit that I have grown and learned so much from those experiences, and so I am learning to embrace this craziness as a chance for exploration and fresh experiences instead of viewing it as a forced upheaval. Moving to this area of the country has always been a dream for John and I, so I have also been keeping my eye on the prize whenever I start to panic about the piles of household and studio crap that have yet to be boxed. Wanted to also post quickly to let my wonderful readers know that my trusty Macbook of 4+ years finally bit the dust the second I got home from Nelson. So sad and such ironic timing. I’m not even going to sit here & pout, because honestly, there is no time to do so! I don’t even really have time to take it to an Apple store until after the move, so I just worked out the kinks of software downloads, operating systems plus uploading and editing on John’s (Windows) computer *shudders*. Luckily I am slowly getting the hang of it, and since there is so much to share with you right now, I will do my best to navigate the digital world with Bill by my side instead of Steve, so that I can continue blogging often, as I always have. Although I’ll admit, re-training the index finger to click everything twice is proving to be more difficult than I thought.Finally, some fresh blades of grass & I wanted to say a quick but BIG thank you to everyone for their outpouring of congrats, positive energy and general sweetness about all the recent exciting news! Your kind words and support mean a lot, and I can’t wait to experience this grand adventure and share it with you along the way!