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14 Jun

20130614-180941.jpgI lost a sandal to the mighty Columbia River tonight; luckily I had back up in the car! I have now foraged enough wood for a fire to keep my toes warm when the sun goes down. I’m so happy to be spending a Friday evening relaxing riverside with friends: fishing, fire, letter writing, picnic dinner and more coming right up. Enjoy your weekend, I’m already enjoying mine.

it’s all in the details

11 Sep

I’m stoked to finally share sneak peeks of the new pieces I’ve been working on in my new studio. As an artist who has always been fascinated with texture, line quality and materials, this new body of work should come as no surprise, although it is a little softer and free flowing than some of my other pieces. I will be listing close to a dozen new original works in my etsy shop this week, and have some more creations already in progress on the drafting table; can’t wait to show you the finished pieces soon!

soul searcher

10 Aug

The drawing I shared with you last week is complete! This gorgeous wolf seems to stare right through me; I titled him soul searcher because of that powerful gaze. It’s always so satisfying to finish a drawn portrait where you can truly feel the animal’s energy… one of the many reasons why my passion in drawing has always been tied with animals. This beauty is now framed and hung at Blackstar Studios & Gallery; they sold two large etchings of mine over the weekend, so we decided to fill the empty wall space with yet another gorgeous creature of mine.