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words of wisdom

22 Jun

IMG_4964A quote by Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu has been on my mind lately. IMG_4934 IMG_4937 IMG_4942I spent an afternoon down by the river and decided to start this little watercolour piece. The following morning in the studio I enjoyed illustrating the text with white gouache, and adding a bunch of intricate purple shadows. I created this piece purely for myself, with the sole intention of just putting these inspiring words to paper… however, since completing it, I’ve realized there are a lot of beloved quotes that I would like to illustrate, and it’s always wonderful to share found wisdom with others. Therefore, this is the first (of hopefully many) little mixed media pieces that I’ll be creating about wise words.

birds of a feather flock together

27 Jun

While home at my parents place in Calgary, I went through some old cabinets and boxes of mine to come across this found object that is an absolute gem… The timing was also so uncanny because as you all know I am doing an installation/mixed media piece titled framed feathers centered around found gold and wood frames. Who would have thought that I’d find something so fitting: an old broken earring of mine from high school in the shape of a GOLD FEATHER (sometimes being a hoarder works out for the best)! So, with this lovely re-discovered object, a new piece for my upcoming installation was born. On my way back to the Cariboo, I stayed over for one night at my cabin and visited one of my best buddies, Nick. I showed him the feather and he mentioned how purple would look amazing with it. I agreed. Also, I don’t live in the Valley full time anymore, and so I miss Nick a lot, because he truly is one of a kind. And, without being an egomaniac, I like to think the same of myself. So, for that reason, the classic saying “birds of a feather flock together” seemed very fitting. The frame this piece was made for, was found in a thrift shop on the highway in Clinton, BC during my travels home this week. It was the perfect size for a canvas board I had just purchased in Kamloops plus it had both requirements for the installation: gold and wood. The overall framed feathers installation is really coming together, and I am happy with the progress I have made for this upcoming show, despite the tendonitis set backs I battled most of early 2011. I am on track to get everything I want finished in this series and my Pops even helped me get a hanging solution figured out for the gallery while I was in Calgary where there are fancy lumber shops. However, I am still a bit of a stress case with the launch of my etsy shop this week, tons of travelling and artwork commitments on the horizon, I am trying to make sure I get everything accomplished. It’s going to be once hell of a month. A month to remember.