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one step at a time

27 Mar

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 7.16.09 AMI will ask you to excuse my absence, however I will not apologize for it. The last month of my life has been a whirlwind, and unfortunately not the good kind. After getting over some challenging health and financial struggles in late February, March brought me the devastating death of my Grandfather. Life has a funny way of humbling you… it is never fair, but for the most part, it tries to be good. I always say that in the darkest times you find light, and what I mean by that is when something bad does happen, you can also see all of the good that remains untouched. I have such an amazing family, a loving fiancé and some of the kindest friends… it is through their love that I always find the strength to carry on. Yesterday the universe sent me timely advice with some beautiful little spring flowers poking out of the dead-brush in the front garden, reminding me that everything is cyclical and from death springs life.

backyard buddies

21 Apr

Spring has almost sprung, and despite a few flurries these past couple days, the grass is turning green, we’ve been out bike riding, the bird feeder has been hung and seed dishes nailed to the posts. Our house in 100 Mile House in comparison to my cabin doesn’t see as much of a variety of wild animals… however, we definitely get more visits than our old homes in Alberta.  For the most part it’s been just Oregon juncos who have been addicted to the bird feeder. Awfully cute little guys, especially the males with their dark black caps.The occasional chickadee and  sparrow gets in there once and a while……and there are a couple solo, yet-to-be identified, birds also getting in on the feeding frenzy. That’s the thing with birding, no matter how much you watch, there is always a new bird to see and so much more to learn. Identifying birds on the spot is quite a skill. At dusk there is usually a 30 minute period where we are visited by a dozen robins who go on a grub hunting spree in our backyard, or sit together in a large group amongst the branches of the tree up front.The deer have been passing by again, and eating some of the seed too judging by fresh footprints in our front lawn. The most I saw at once was a group of six marching through our neighbours yard. However this morning a mama doe and her 2 fawns who survived the winter, were grazing in the backyard grass! They were adorable and quite calm; such a joy to watch. I love it so much when furry animals are close by. With the reminiscing of old backyard friends, I wanted to post something that I’ve only shared with friends and family. Last year there was a doe that had 2 fawns and she lived down near kinsmen beach, right next to Pynelogs & the Scotty Burger where I was working. We dubbed her the irresponsible mother, because the cute little fawns always seemed to be roaming alone without supervision. This however offered me with some pretty incredible photo opportunities since she wasn’t always around to ‘protect’ them. From a pile of shots, this one is definitely a favourite; it makes my heart just melt.