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wandering watercolours

5 Jul

I’ve been playing a lot with watercolours lately. I think the reason why they’ve become a staple in my recent creative pursuits is that they’re so easy to transport. With the big move, almost every art making material I owned was hidden away in a box, so keeping a stash of watercolours and brushes in my purse has been a godsend for staying actively creative.IMG_5088 IMG_5095 IMG_5114 Whether it’s painting riverside while we fish, or in the sunshine at one of my fiance’s ball games, I’ve been actively doodling with this versatile medium. If you have your brushes, paints and sketchbook, then all you need a little bit of water to get started: I usually have a water bottle handy, or am right next to a river… I’ve even considered giving beer a try with the medium if the other wet stuff isn’t available.  IMG_5127The most recent piece to emerge from my traveling doodles is a set of varying sizes of pale blue and teal bird eggs (loosely modeled after the markings found on those of a Magpie Robin). Three separately painted layers came together as one to give this piece some beautiful colour, dimension and texture. Do you like my most recent prebirds?


14 Sep

I’m so excited to be unveiling my latest body of work to you today! Pre-Birds is an on-going series of watercolor paintings that I’ve been creating; they are inspired by the gorgeous colors, textures and patterns of bird egg’s from around the world. Eight pieces have just been listed in my etsy shop (available for only $25 each), and more of these beauties are currently in process in the studio. Want to see other photos of these paintings and learn more about each egg? Just click on the one that you’re curious about!As I mentioned in my post earlier this week (which chronicled detail shots of 4 of the pieces above), I am an artist who is fueled by my fascination with line, texture, media exploration, and of course nature, so this series naturally developed from these personal interests. I have wanted to further incorporate watercolor painting into my practice for quite sometime, because I’ve used it mostly in mixed media pieces (especially my altered book work) but never much on its own. Exploring the wet on wet & dry on wet techniques, as well as playing with the layering capabilities of this medium has been an incredible, exciting and adventurous journey. I am hopeful that the varying marks, line weights, textures, and colors capture not only the luscious sensibilities of these beautiful bird eggs but also the delicate nuances of the medium itself. What do you think of my watercolor Pre-Birds?