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smiling at september

1 Sep

Figured I should face a new month and the beginning of a new season with some unbridled optimism. My pen pal and artist friend Sarah ensures that I am never short on a supply of her “Half Full” hand painted tags. I share their positive advice by mysteriously leaving them in random secret spots around town. My hope is that these beauties will catch someone off guard, and will instantly brighten their day. Here are some snaps of a few of the happy advice tags I left around this town recently: IMG_5847 IMG_5855 IMG_5850 IMG_5838 IMG_5840(to see a few more happy “half full” posts, click here).

spoiling my pen pals rotten

23 Feb

I’ve got half a dozen of my outgoing envelopes to share, so that you can start your weekend off on a creative foot! Hopefully the recipients loved their snail mail treats, because I sure enjoyed making them.

sent with ♥ to Nuno + Nela: nuno+nelasent with ♥ to Anna Jane Searle:AnnaJanesent with ♥ to Sarah Hutchinson Burke:SecondMagsent with ♥ to Sarah Van Sloten:SVSsent with ♥ to Justice Bicycle:justicebsent with ♥ to Adea Chung:Adea

a few incoming letters

12 Jan

Today marks my return to chronicling and sharing my mail art on the blog. Thanks again for your patience, all of you mail art enthusiasts. I have quite a bit of unshared incoming postal treats… so I am spending the day continuing to reply to many of them, including these five envelopes from wonderful penpals:2ndmag with love from Sarah Hutchinson Burke jbwith love from Justice Bicycle  nunonelawith love from  Nuno + Nela marissawith love from Marissa Falco svswith love from Sarah Van Sloten