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14 Jun

20130614-180941.jpgI lost a sandal to the mighty Columbia River tonight; luckily I had back up in the car! I have now foraged enough wood for a fire to keep my toes warm when the sun goes down. I’m so happy to be spending a Friday evening relaxing riverside with friends: fishing, fire, letter writing, picnic dinner and more coming right up. Enjoy your weekend, I’m already enjoying mine.

open air studio

10 Jun

I spent the weekend down by the river again, except this time I brought my traveling typewriter. Sometimes you don’t need a big oak desk or a fancy studio space in order to get creative. When I first purchased my vintage typewriter a couple years ago, I was particularly intrigued by the fantastic travel case it came with, so taking this beautiful piece of machinery to the water’s edge wasn’t as difficult as it seems. typewritingriverside2 typewritingriverside1I’ve been doing better with my pen pal replies by keeping things simple with only meaningful letters, decorated envelopes, and vintage postage; I find writing back is less cumbersome if I do it this way. I am excited to send these little letters off! I plan to include a small print of one of the above photographs in each reply. I look forward to writing letters on some of my future summer outings… perhaps I’ll hike to a mountaintop and write there. On your next outdoor adventure, try bringing a task you need to accomplish, because surprisingly the great outdoors can also make a wonderful office.


2 Jun

20130602-140112.jpgWent fishing by the river with friends this afternoon and got to put my toes in the sand for the first time this year. Little things always make the arrival of summertime feel more real: sunshine in the early morning, fresh blades of green grass poking out of the earth, crickets chirping at dusk (to name a few)… but being barefoot at the edge of a beautiful river is easily at the top of the list.