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sculpture ̶w̶a̶l̶k̶ ride (part two)

29 Aug

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, my beau and I rode our bikes around town on the weekend to check out the local sculpturewalk . There were far too many gorgeous photos from the day to share in one post, so here is the second half of my camera snaps:

Man in Motion by Denis KleineDon’t Look… Listen. by Jacob TolmieSentinel by Carl Sean McMahon Man Waiting by Sergio RaffoSoaring by Spring Shine Three Options Are Open by Martin EichingerNatural Wonders by Michelle Moushey Dale Kinetic Weather Disturbance Ensemble by Douglas Walker (with the BEST artist statement ever: “Blessed with the heart of a boy, the hands of a man,and a goodly shot of Dr. Seuss, I tamper, reshape and reform common things, hoping to warm the hearts  of passerby.“)
Many of the pieces were so impressive, imaginative and breath-taking! John and I are both still struggling to chose our favorite piece for the People’s Choice Award Ballot, as there are easily five front runners. The winning sculpture will be purchased by the City of Castlegar for it’s permanent collection, and over $5000 in prizes get awarded to the participating artists. I’m so proud to live in a town that puts serious investments towards its cultural and artistic growth! There is so much more than just beautiful river and mountain views, there’s also incredible art on all of my horizons.

sculpture ̶w̶a̶l̶k̶ ride (part one)

28 Aug

Had a fantastic afternoon date with my beau on Saturday: it was a gorgeous, sunny, 27 degrees outside, so we decided to get on our bikes, ride the hills of Castlegar, and check out the annual sculpturewalk (or should i say sculptureride?). This yearly event hosts local and international artists’ sculptures that get mounted in public all throughout the downtown area. The event’s tagline describes the dream that we get to live in: “Imagine… a vital downtown with different sculptures displayed every year.” I wanted to share a few photographs from our wonderful afternoon art cruise (but there are a lot of great pieces to acknowledge, so this will be the first of 2 posts). Patient Hunter by Kevin Kratz & James KartheinQR by Carl SchlichtingCheiftain by Daniel Kloc Salmon by Christina NickLook and You Will Find It by Kate ChristopherGhost Salmon by Peter Vogelaar

These incredible public sculptures are like tiny little gems hidden all about my town: tons of fun to discover, so much creativity to admire and such skillful artistry to witness. More to come tomorrow!