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unseen Etsy snaps

4 Oct

When approached by Etsy to be a featured shop, I was detailed with the task of taking portraits of both my studio and myself. At first I was a little overwhelmed by the idea: as a self-taught photographer who often dislikes being in front of the lens, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to even capture the mood of my studio, let alone the one in my heart… However, all it took was setting up the camera on a tri-pod, rigging the self-timer, and just creating as I usually do. I was thrilled with the results, and I am very proud of these shots. Etsy shared 9 of my photographs in the interview, but I thought I would show you the extra snaps that I took.centered2 06 04 11 12 10 desk 05I would encourage all artists, designers and makers, to set up a little photo-shoot for themselves in order to document their process, craft and studio space. These images let your customers and future buyers connect even better with you; they can directly see your involvement, the touch of the your hand, and the beautiful space in which the work is created. Too often do these aspects of our work remain a mystery; it is nice to give our interested customers and friends another look at our process and creative space.

the take over

26 Aug

House fox squirrel racoon badgersI rarely re-post things I find on the internet, but my friend Evan shared something this morning that made my heart absolutely melt! Finnish photographer Kai Fagerström has been photographing a series of abandoned houses that have been re-claimed by wild animals. The photos are so soft and full of beauty, and the imagery is immensely touching. What wonderful portraits these are of such incredible creatures. Click here to see the rest of the magnificent photographs that have been publish in National Geographic.

nature’s positive ways

3 Aug

20130803-143105.jpg20130803-143129.jpg20130803-143209.jpgIf you read this post a few days ago, or have been recently watching my instagram feed, you’d know I’ve been in the Windermere Valley at my parent’s cabin for several days now. My mother usually listens to the CBC radio, and yesterday they were interviewing psychologists about the positive effects of nature and how spending more time outdoors is very beneficial to both our bodies and minds. The funny part is, I never really needed someone with a fancy science degree to tell me that being outdoors makes you automatically happier… I know this because I live it. There are so many structured and mechanical things that are an automatic part of our everyday society, it makes sense that the animals within us would seek the solace of open air. The openness of the wilderness provides clarity and calm, birds and small creatures like squirrels remind of the beauty in simplicity, while breathing fresh air and releasing endorphins while you walk, literally boosts the brain’s chemistry. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading this, and get outside for a bit of refreshment, invigoration and happiness! (above are some of the places I’ve recently been recharging).