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paper exports – part 1

26 Jun

Packing boxes and traveling in the past couple weeks has really made me long for some creative time. I can not wait until early July, once I have my new studio space set up, so I can get some serious drawing and printmaking on the go, as I have a lot of ideas running wild in my head. Right now the only creative thing I have to cling to (apart from my sketchbook of course) are some of the glorious outgoing letters I sent before John signed his contract. I have plenty of postal treats to share with you, so prepare for a 3 day “paper export” extravaganza.sent with ♥ to:  Barbara Wanhill (@2catsandapencil)

sent with ♥ to:  Robert Sae-Heng (@mrrubbertoes)

sent with ♥ to:  Heather Stump

 sent with ♥ to:  Peter and Joyelle Komierowski (@peterkstudio)

sent with ♥ to:  Jessica Mayne

sent with ♥ to:  Sarah Churchill (@scjammycustard)

sent with ♥ to:  Jillian Hermansen (@jillianailsa)  PLUS  the bestest video ever of her opening all these postal treats too!

sent with ♥ to:  Kristine Hajas

sent with ♥ to:  Beverly Ealdama (@beverly_e)

sent with ♥ to:  Marissa Falco (@czarcastic)

I hope all of my amazing pen pals were super happy with the above packages! These special piles of ephemera were complied in my studio and all of the letters were written here. As I mentioned above, there’s a nice pile of creative envelopes left to share with you, so make sure you come visit me again tomorrow!

keeping me company

14 May

It’s been wonderful to be back with my beau and dwelling in my beloved (and now clean) studio during the day, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss my beautiful family and friends from my recent trip home. One complaint about being in a small town is that it can get lonely, and this is one of the many reasons why I appreciate my pen pals, because their thoughtful letters and gifts often light up my days and make me feel loved. Coming back to be greeted by a pile of letters, and then spending a week collecting even more, made me realize that a lot of people miss me and think of me too.

with love from: Justice Bicycle (@justicebicycle) with love from: Jeannine Saylor (@saylor_made) with love from: Jessica Mayne with love from: Katie Rhodes (@KatieRhoodes) with love from: Robert Sae-Heng (@mrrubbertoes) with love from: Nicole Palmer with love from: Peter Komierowski (@peterkstudiowith love from: Sarah Churchill (@scjammycustard) with love from: Mariana Munoz Collado with love from:  Jillian Hermansen (@jillianailsa)  with love from: Noi, Mike & Lucy Helm with love from: Amy Liebenberg (@amygillian with love from: Miss Cheetarah (@miss Thundercat) with love from: Marcus Jackson (@luckyjackpress) with love from: Nick Oostyen and Olivia Delorme (@o_delorme) with love from: Barbara Wanhill (@2catsandapencil)

As you can see I have my work cut out for me in terms of writing replies… however, I did send out 7 letters before leaving on my road trip, and so I will share those outgoing beauties with you tomorrow. There are also several zines and books (shown above) that deserve to be chronicled with a little more detail, so that will happen in another post some time soon! Hope you enjoyed peeking into my postbox, yet again :)

the marlboro man

6 Jan

I’d like to preface this post with the fact that I do not endorse cigarette smoking, however I want you to keep in mind that I am an avid-moustache admirer… While in Vancouver for OOAK I got the chance to meet up with two amazing friends of mine from my BFA: Illustrating duo Pete & Joyelle Komierowski. They surprised me with the most amazing gift (supposedly because I send them too much mail art and they don’t reply enough)…. but whatever the reasoning, I became the lucky recipient of a framed, HAND-STITCHED Marlboro man portrait! Oh the texture and the kitsch are almost too epic to handle! Thanks to my wonderful pals, this moustached sex symbol is now chillin’ and puffin’ away in my living room.