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a secret something (part 1)

17 Apr

I started a little project months ago, for one of my fiance’s best friends, Teddy; he wanted to get something meaningful for his daughter Autumn’s second birthday (not just another pile of toys that would eventually get left behind). After seeing my grizzly portrait that hangs in my family’s cabin, he knew he wanted to commission a large graphite drawing from me. The other two points of inspiration, came directly from his daughter: her nickname “squishy squirrel”, and this stern look that she often gives her dad (reminiscent of a very serious owl). autumnseriousowlfaceWe talked a bit about imagery, but Teddy basically left things up to me… Since we were staying with his family for the OOAK show, I decided to double to size of his commissioned drawing, as a thank you for hosting us. Today I am sharing a couple process photos, and tomorrow I will share the finished piece, along with Autumn’s reaction! autumnsdrawing1 autumnsdrawing3 autumnsdrawing

soul searcher

10 Aug

The drawing I shared with you last week is complete! This gorgeous wolf seems to stare right through me; I titled him soul searcher because of that powerful gaze. It’s always so satisfying to finish a drawn portrait where you can truly feel the animal’s energy… one of the many reasons why my passion in drawing has always been tied with animals. This beauty is now framed and hung at Blackstar Studios & Gallery; they sold two large etchings of mine over the weekend, so we decided to fill the empty wall space with yet another gorgeous creature of mine.

antlered animals

2 May

I have been anxiously waiting to share these finished drawings with you, and even gave you a few sneak peeks at them while in progress here and nearly finished here. My darling friend Amanda McNair commissioned them for her grandfather; her request was for “two graphite drawings of antlered animals,” making her easily one of the most trusting and enthusiastic clients I’ve ever have the pleasure of working for. It was an honour to create these detailed animal portraits for my beloved friend, and it seems that we both couldn’t be happier with the results! I’m looking forward to seeing a photo of her and her grand-pops smiling next to them, once they’re all framed up and hung in his house.