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hello patterns & paws

28 Jun

Long time blog readers will be excited today, as I am sharing more progress from the collaborative sketchboooks that I’ve been creating for a while now with my talented friend Anika Starmer (the envelope below contained my recent additions). patternsandpaws1Several years ago, we embarked on an exciting project together, and haven’t looked back since. The basis of patterns & paws was spawned from the fact that Anika loves patterns and I love paws; we just decided to draw in sketchbooks together. We create diptychs, where Anika draws on the left pages while I draw on the right, and we also work on pieces together, overlapping our imagery on two page spreads. If you would like to see the evolution of the project be sure to check out these six previous posts (in chronological order):  1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Below are my latest additions to the books: the first three photos capture my responses to Anika’s most recent patterns, while the last three show the new pages I created for Anika to draw upon. patternsandpaws2 patternsandpaws3 patternsandpaws4 patternsandpaws7 patternsandpaws5 patternsandpaws6Let Anika and I know what you think of our collaborative books; commments and thoughts are always appreciated!

the filigree deer & postmark deadline

31 Jan

Can you believe it? It’s already the last day of January, which means that my sketchbook project is getting documented, wrapped up and sent down to New York with the most secure postage I can possibly purchase. I learned a hard lesson exactly one year ago, when my 2011 Art House Sketchbook Project went missing in the post (pretty much because I got bullied by the local post office cow to send it without tracking… she later inspired me to build the faux post office in my studio). As you know from reading my previous 2012 sketchbook posts, I still have quite a few pages of my sketchbook left to share with you, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to post one of my favorite pages from both the lost sketchbook as well as the new one in “I remember you”…The spread above from my 2011 sketchbook is now known as the filigree deer. This page actually inspired the first homage I made to my lost sketchbook, which in turn indirectly inspired a series of hand screen printed moleskines called “animal patterns.”  With the theme “I remember you” and drawing inspiration from my lost sketchbook, I of course had to create another “filigree deer” for a two page spread. I’m thrilled with the results and believe that this design will be transformed into a screenprinted moleskine sometime in the spring. Isn’t my new buck just as beautiful as the first?! He was drawn completely with HB graphite and mounted into the book with silver photo corners. The pattern on the left inspired the heart-shaped Mandela which floats delicately amongst his antlers. The patterned green paper also has a lovely acrylic gloss that has been printed over areas of the design: adding texture and shine when it moves in the light at different angles. I can’t wait for my sketchbook to show up in New York for the World Tour so it can actually have the hands of eager readers flipping through it’s colourful and creative pages.  It’d make my “figuring you out” 2011 sketchbook oh-so-proud. Stay tuned to blog as I will be continuing to share the rest of my creations for Art House’s awesome collaborative project in the following few weeks.

patterns & paws – progress 2

13 Sep

I surprised Anika Starmer (@aisforanika) by mailing our collaboration to her without warning her. I hope she did a little surprised happy dance at the post box! I kept the envelopes contents simple, because the real gems are inside the sketchbooks. I wrote Anika a short note on a rad Gama-Go postcard and sent along 2 weiner dog stickers (one for otto and one for kasi), plus of course, our 2 EPIC collaborative sketchbooks patterns & paws all housed inside a stay flat mailer covered in sweet stamps. If you haven’t seen the inital post about this project or seen the progress 1 post, I suggest checking them out! Below are all the snapshots of my recent additions to the fabulous ‘patterns & paws’ sketchbooks. So far in the project, this was the first time that I got to respond to imagery that Anika had made. It was really exciting to have a bit of inspiration to draw from. The first set of images she drew detailed this lovely swooping pattern. I remember watching this “style” develop when Anika was working on her 20 in 20 giveaway. I saw these swooping patterns as perhaps scratch marks, or digging marks, and thus continued the line work over into my metallic paws. Her side of the next set of diptychs, featured this interesting pattern done with intricate line work. I noticed that each little “square” of color was made up of 7 lines. 7 is known as a lucky number, and rabbits are known for their lucky paws. It seemed to fit perfectly. Next was the first 2 page spread, where our imagery mixes instead of staying split between two pages. Anika’s patterns on both spreads made me think of sky and sea colliding, and so I created some wicked transfers of birds & fish from some vintage 1970’s illustrations I’ve been collecting. These spreads also make me think of a happy ending to the metaphoric question “a bird may love a fish but where would they build their home?” In the patterns and paws sketchbook of course! The next set of spreads were my first shot at starting a two-page spread. In my last mail art package from Anika, she sent a pile of different graph papers and said she often uses them as a base or a template for some of her patterns. So I figured I would washi tape them in, and apart from using my existing imagery as a starting point, she’d also have the familiarity of graph paper to draw from. I used black ink to doodle in some of my favorite textures from the animal world; “patterns” per se, that are on paws such as fur, scales, and skin. I created a tile pattern & left the same amount of blank spaces for Anika to use. The following pages were for me to begin 2 diptychs. The first pair of images were inspired by my love of snail mail. Canada is lucky to have tons of gorgeous wildlife, and I am so proud of the stamps CP produces that honor these adorable creatures. Two of my favorite stamps issued are the white-tail deer and the walrus. The original stamp sheets also have these little paw corners and small silhouettes of the wildlife. Postal and script washi tape plus my local post office’s stamp were added to expand the paw mail theme.The last images I added to the books this round were inspired by some gorgeous found illustrations of paw tracks of both a grey squirrel and a cottontail from a hunting guide. I glued the collected paw ephemera vertically on the left, and added a delicate graphite portrait of each furry creature to the right of it.For your viewing pleasure, I decided to include a few of my favorite detail shots:I am already so proud of our progress with this collaboration and really, we have just begun! I hope Anika is super motivated to ‘reply’  to my additions and I also hope our readers are inspired by this unique project! Thanks for reading, your comments, reactions and feedback are always welcome.