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something snowy

16 Dec

Untitled-4Earlier this year, I was drawing two feathered friends for a wonderful client, who is also a very close family friend. Now that these pieces are safely with her, I wanted to share them. She had commissioned me to create “a snowy owl with dreamy eyes” for her to gift to a friend who has been especially helpful to her in the past year. image1 image3 image5In many previous conversations over dinners and glasses of wine, we had talked about her getting an owl drawing of her own, so while creating the owl that she would gift away, I also sneakily sketched an owl to gift especially to her. image6 Untitled-3 image9I have been looking forward to sharing these two beauties with you guys here on the blog; since there has been barely any snow this winter so far, it seemed extra fitting to share something snowy. Do you like them? As always, if you are interested in commissioning me for a drawing, send me an e-mail with your ideas to naturesmyfriend@gmail.com

hand-printed owls

13 Jan

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 11.53.14 AMA couple people added my old wolf etsy treasury to their favorites list this morning, and it made me realize that it’s been a while since I’d curated a little list of cute handmade critters. I have been daydreaming of the printmaking I will do this year, and thus got looking at hand-pulled prints of animals… one thing led to another and before I knew it, I had 10 owl prints open in different tabs. Naturally a treasury was born; to our feathered friend, the owl, and the printmakers who illustrate them.

spoiled rotten

25 May

It’s rare that I need to be reminded about how lucky I am; I have a really good life, I know it and I am ever so thankful for it. Living in this beautiful country, in a safe home and being able to stay in contact with the people I love dearly, makes every day a blessing. So when an occasion like my birthday comes along, I am reminded of this fact even more so. Below are the generous and very thoughtful gifts that my loved ones gave to me almost a month ago now, for my 26th birthday. I am definitely spoiled rotten. From top to bottom: 1.An incredible Dutch pop-up & interactive art book, Verborgen Vogels, from my sister & brother-in-law 2.Incredible cast bronze owl hook,  from my sister & brother-in-law 3.Hand-me-down wedding books, from my sister. 4.Discarded library book gem found and re-lined by my sister: John James Audobon’s entire Birds of America 5.A constantly-waving Queen, powered by the sun, from Olivia Delorme & Nick Oostyen 6.An illustrated edition of Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species (so much better than my previous words-only copy), from my mother and father 7.A really special piece that once belonged to my great grandmother: a carved ivory tusk depicting a beautiful herd of elephants marching in a line. My mother graciously handed down this antique to me, which was assumed to have been acquired by my great grandmother’s brother, who constantly travelled the world. 8.Books right up my alley: The Moon of the Bears, The Moon of the Owls and The Charlton Canada Stamp Album & Storybook, from Marcus Jackson 9.Stationery, art and craft supplies from Carney Oudendag, my mother and my sister. 10.Three vintage finds, National Geographic’s My First Pocket Guide: Woodland Wildlife, Canadian Nature Guides: Mammals and Some Canadian Birds, from Carney Oudendag. 11.Custom-ordered, hand-made leather fanny pack by Loves Jules Leather (arriving in June), from John Helm …See what did i tell you? I’m ridiculously rotten!