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something snowy

16 Dec

Untitled-4Earlier this year, I was drawing two feathered friends for a wonderful client, who is also a very close family friend. Now that these pieces are safely with her, I wanted to share them. She had commissioned me to create “a snowy owl with dreamy eyes” for her to gift to a friend who has been especially helpful to her in the past year. image1 image3 image5In many previous conversations over dinners and glasses of wine, we had talked about her getting an owl drawing of her own, so while creating the owl that she would gift away, I also sneakily sketched an owl to gift especially to her. image6 Untitled-3 image9I have been looking forward to sharing these two beauties with you guys here on the blog; since there has been barely any snow this winter so far, it seemed extra fitting to share something snowy. Do you like them? As always, if you are interested in commissioning me for a drawing, send me an e-mail with your ideas to naturesmyfriend@gmail.com

a secret something (part 1)

17 Apr

I started a little project months ago, for one of my fiance’s best friends, Teddy; he wanted to get something meaningful for his daughter Autumn’s second birthday (not just another pile of toys that would eventually get left behind). After seeing my grizzly portrait that hangs in my family’s cabin, he knew he wanted to commission a large graphite drawing from me. The other two points of inspiration, came directly from his daughter: her nickname “squishy squirrel”, and this stern look that she often gives her dad (reminiscent of a very serious owl). autumnseriousowlfaceWe talked a bit about imagery, but Teddy basically left things up to me… Since we were staying with his family for the OOAK show, I decided to double to size of his commissioned drawing, as a thank you for hosting us. Today I am sharing a couple process photos, and tomorrow I will share the finished piece, along with Autumn’s reaction! autumnsdrawing1 autumnsdrawing3 autumnsdrawing

the wise owl – limited edition sketchbook

19 May

It’s been over two weeks since I completed and sent in my Art House Co-op Limited Edition Sketchbook Project. Can’t believe I haven’t been able to share it on the blog yet… the spring is flying by so fast! For those of you who don’t know about Art House Co-op, or two of their previous projects that I participated in, then you may want to check out these links here or you can view or purchase my zines of them here. They are a fantastic organization that puts together great international collaborative projects. This most recent endeavour was a spin on their classic yearly project, except this time there was a limited amount of participants (only 5000) hence the name, “Limited Edition.” The L.E. project will be publishing a book about this special twist of the classic collaborative exhibition. The bound volume promises to feature at least one spread from each of the 5000 artists’ sketchbooks. I am looking forward to getting my copy, reading through all of the creativity, and attempting to spot both my submission as well as some friends’ entires. The theme I selected for my book was “Pictures & Descriptions,” simply because it was open ended and thus would allow me the opportunity to create pretty much anything when my idea or inspiration hit me. When I finally sat down and focused on the project, the theme influenced my intentions for the book far more than I had originally intended for it to. Of course I was going to draw animals, as I always do, but first I had to think about my direction for the book. As I pondered on the idea of “Pictures & Descriptions” the notion of a dictionary just kept coming back to me: simple illustrations with eloquent details about entities, actions and adjectives. The dictionary notion distilled further into thoughts about knowledge, book smarts, and wisdom. Naturally I thought of the owl: a symbol of insight, wisdom, intensity, spirituality and knowledge. As my ideas filtered further, I selected one word from each letter of that alphabet that related to the owl. The final thing I might add, before sharing my results, is that I didn’t approach my book traditionally… I created one large scale piece that folds down into the cover. The piece was made on a thick rag paper called magnani, and the entire image was done in graphite (even all of the dictionary descriptions are handwritten in pencil). Essentially my intention was to have a beautiful portrait of a wise owl spreading his impressive wings, while all of these dictionary pages that describe him, float up and surround him. Intrigued yet? Below is my sketchbook’s journey, including some progress & detail shots as well as final full view photos: And finally, here is my limited edition sketchbook in video form: As always, I very much appreciate your thoughts, reactions & feedback, so don’t be too shy to leave a comment, I would love to know what you think of the wise owl.