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things to be happy about

20 Oct

I was searching all over my house frantically this morning, looking for a specific art supply. I couldn’t find it, but I did come across something that was much more useful to me…. 14,000 things to be happy about.20131020-105152.jpgMy sister gifted me this book almost a year ago now, and since the move, I hadn’t seen it. Discovering it on this particular morning, after months of being hidden in a drawer of craft supplies, brought me a much-needed boost… This last week was a little hard for me; I have been feeling overwhelmed and a bit stressed out with too much on my plate and future worrying about upcoming events. It was so comforting to stumble upon this bound pile of reasons to be happy. Barbara Ann Kipfer, the author of this wise little volume, has a real way with words. You can’t help but conjure wonderful images in your mind that will inherently make you smile and feel happy. Flipping through the pages, it’s easy to see that there is a lot of inspiration and happiness that lingers in the most seemingly simple places. Making note of these positive influences that are hidden around me has helped me melt away some stress. I selected a few of my favorite word-pictures to share and I hope you also smile.

The gorgeous outdoors: “reed-fringed lagoons, a lake catching the last flecks of sunlight coming over the pines, dreaming on a river bank…”

Comforting feelings: “eight hours of sleep, lying on your back in a snowy field, watering your garden…”

Life’s silly nuances: “the position of your head as you bite into a taco, eating all of your snacks before the movie even starts, escaping from an overwhelming department store…”

Our senses: “the feel of a rug under bare feet, smelling freshly-picked strawberries, pulling warm laundry out of the dryer…”

Material things: “a new canvas, magic eight-ball, stationery…”

Food and drink: “vanilla cupcakes with multicolor sprinkles, light beer on a hot day, cheese cubes with frilly toothpicks…”

smiling at september

1 Sep

Figured I should face a new month and the beginning of a new season with some unbridled optimism. My pen pal and artist friend Sarah ensures that I am never short on a supply of her “Half Full” hand painted tags. I share their positive advice by mysteriously leaving them in random secret spots around town. My hope is that these beauties will catch someone off guard, and will instantly brighten their day. Here are some snaps of a few of the happy advice tags I left around this town recently: IMG_5847 IMG_5855 IMG_5850 IMG_5838 IMG_5840(to see a few more happy “half full” posts, click here).

anything is possible

9 Aug

Sending you into your weekend with some positive words of advice… Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 10.02.26 AMThere’s nothing more dream-like or inspiring than an expansive blue sky sprinkled with shape-shifting clouds. Anything on your mind lately? Goals you want to chase? Ideas you want to put into action? Do something for yourself in the next few days; there is no reason to hold yourself back from accomplishing what your heart knows is possible.