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a big studio change

8 Jun

studiocleanup2In preparation for the move in just 3 weeks, I have pretty much packed the studio. It feels strange to now sit in a room with almost blank walls. My friends’ art,¬†collected ephemera and animal images are the things that have always made my studios feel like home. I can’t wait to get the floating shelves up in the new pad and start from scratch with yet another set of inspiration walls. Couldn’t help but also think about this old post (written about a year ago) as it pretty much parallels my life at this very moment.

a change of scenery

1 Jun

20130601-144018.jpgSee that beautiful expansive blue sky? It is symbolic of some long-sought-after clarity in my mind, the bright open feeling in my heart, and the hope of many new beginnings in my soul. The arrival of June means it’s been almost a year since John and I moved back to the Kootenays! It has been a wonderful 11 months so far: new friends, career changes, lots of travel, and so much more! However these past experiences were much like the rock cliff in the photo: a hard climb, a proud challenge and the foundation of our lives here in Castlegar. The biggest (and most looked-forward-to) change this year will be another move! Our basement suite hasn’t been what we had hoped for and it has been putting some unneeded stress in our lives; to say we are looking forward to having a space of our own (both indoors and out) is an understatement. We have found a cute little 2 bedroom home and can’t wait to be making it our own in just one short month! The lush green trees in the above photograph represent not only the planting of our new roots, but also a soft place to land, as we leap off of this rocky cliff into all of the wonderful possibilities that this gorgeous blue sky has to offer.

from the cariboo to the kootenays

5 Jul

Life has been a whirlwind and I am still trying to catch my breath… but I couldn’t be happier to finally be next to my beloved Kootenay mountains and the gorgeous Columbia River. I figured I better sit down and blog quickly about the recent adventures and changes before I have a massive pile of photos to share and not enough blog space to do it. Hard to believe that we were in 100 Mile House only a short 5 days ago, packing up boxes and sitting on camping chairs with John’s parents in the (very empty) living room. Feels good to have packed up the old house, survived the long drive down BC highways, and to now be settling into a happy new home. Soon I will start sorting through the many piled up boxes that are resting in our little nook and there are of course lots more fun things to share with you very soon! I hope all is well in your world.