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a moose – open & closed

8 Jul

scoopinmoose3 scoopinmoose1My talented and long time friend (since I was 6!) miss Jessica Mayne runs a fabulous ice cream shop and creperie in Canmore, Alberta with her beau Tory. The store is adorably named “The Scoopin’ Moose,” has bright green walls, and is adorned with some fabulous moose friends. I was massively flattered when the two approached me with an exciting commission that not only would beautify their shop, but would also be a functional tool; an OPEN / CLOSED sign that would feature an alert moose on one side and a sleepy guy on the other. Originally we were talking about just a simple drawing that could be photocopied, but I really wanted them to have the real deal! So, we decided on a gorgeous hand-painted wood panel that not only represents the true hand-made quality of their products, but also the down-to-earth essence of their lovingly owned and operated business. scoopinmoose4scoopinmoose7 scoopinmoose5scoopinmoose6There were a few hiccups along the way, including an unexpected move, but all-in-all I think both parties feel that the finished product was worth the wait! I was so excited to hand-deliver the sign to them this week; what a thrill to connect with long-time friends and fantastic clients and also see the place where your artwork will live. scoopinmoos2I’m looking forward to seeing snapshots of the sign hung in it’s proper place, and I’ll be sure to share them with you.  What do you think of this new one of a kind piece? Isn’t it fantastic when friendship, business and art truly collide?

antlered animal stamps

25 Sep

I recently acquired some Canadian antlered animal stamps: five dollar Moose from 2011 and 80 cent Peary Caribou from 1990. I am in love… enough said. 

lucky in life

27 Jul

Life is never perfect; it can throw you unexpected curve-balls at any moment. It is with this notion in the back of my mind, that I make sure to relish in the positive and happy times while they are present, and to not forget that it is the hard times that make you appreciate the good. The beginning of my trip started a bit stressful, rocky and some of us even fell sick, so this past week has instead been spent focusing on all the beautiful and lucky moments I have been blessed with recently… A rainbow shinning over the valley is the perfect metaphor for the right frame of mind: something incredibly beautiful often grows out of a bad storm. Catching glimpses of wild furry friends (deer & moose) NEVER fails to slap a smile on my face. Majestic, powerful and pure… They have a presence I am always in awe of. Birds are always a wonderful sight, that make me smile, but above is a turkey vulture: quite an uncommon sight up here in Canada, as they often don’t venture far past the border… So, seeing this incredible creature was definitely lucky. Tasty treats straight from the backyard: 1 of those simple, beautiful, everyday miracles. And finally, the luckiest lady bug I have ever seen, was crawling across our chairs yesterday. The old wives tale is that the more spots they have, the luckier they are… well I hit the jackpot, this one had 13 lucky spots on his cute little shell.