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patterns & paws – progress 1

5 Sep

In mid-June I did an original post titled “patterns & paws” which outlined an exciting new collaborative project I was doing with my pal Anika Starmer (@aisforanika). If you didn’t get a chance to read it, I reccomend that you do, so you are able to watch the project slowly progress as we add new diptychs and also draw onto each others work. Receiving the books back for the first time was super exciting because it was the first time I would see our work, TOGETHER. I have been playing a bit with juxtaposing patterns & design with wildlife in my animal pattern moleskine screenprint series but I wanted to take this to another level, and who better to do it with than Anika? Here are the first few drawings of the project so far: You can tell by the excited tone in her recent blog post about it, that she’s having a blast with this project. I myself must admit that it has been VERY distracting from all the other work I really need to accomplish. But, when you’re inspired and excited about something, it makes sense to invest the time into it. My newly added drawings are coming together quite well, drawing inspiration from Anika’s imagery… I think it should only be a matter of a couple weeks until you all get to see more awesome “pattern and paw” imagery from this constantly-evolving project. For now though, I hope you enjoyed the sneak peeks of Anika’s additions.

set up and super sale

11 Jul

It’s Monday: which means the day of reckoning has arrived! I packed up my wooden panels and all 28 of my creations and headed off for town. I dropped my artwork off at Pynelogs, set up my framed feathers installation and the gallery will be hanging my etchings and altered books. I’m excited to see how it all turns out. There are 7 other artists who have created solo exhibitions over the past 6 months and will also display their works in the gallery. Tomorrow I’m going to visit my girlfriends’ cafe for lunch and check out the exhibition, then indulge in wine and good conversation at the opening reception on Wednesday from 7-9 pm. I hope a few people snatch up some pieces, sales are always a thrill. Speaking of snatching up artwork: in celebration of my exhibition, I am having a SUPER SALE at my etsy shop on my limited edition screen-printed moleskines. Grab the set HERE for only $33 CAD! Save $15 off the original cover prices! Perfect for your thoughts, ideas & sketches. SALE IS ON ONLY UNTIL THE 18TH OF JULY SO DON’T MISS OUT!

the cross-bearing ram

15 Jun

I finally did it – got my third animal pattern moleskine finished for the upcoming etsy shop and am happy to have rounded out the series… for now at least. I do have several sketches/designs, but no time to execute another edition until mid-August. I’ll get to that in a bit, but first here is the finished gocco screenprint: I held a fun contest on the nature’s my friend twitter, and offered up a free copy to the first person to guess what animal was on my latest design. I think I got over 100 guesses some of which included: moose, marmot, cougar, wolf, antelope, chipmunk, owl, bear, racoon, blackbird, squirrel, fox, eagle, bobcat, jackalope, lynx, otter, rabbit, coyote, mole, loris, aardvark, pltypus, or wombat. After about 40 minutes and over 100 guesses, miss Anika Starmer finally said Big Horned Ram. Congrats lady, that lovely copy is already on it’s way to you. If you’re a bit jealous of Anika’s luck, don’t be!  You can win a free moleskine journal too, all you have to do is follow @naturesmyfriend on twitter. I haven’t ever really done this before, but I know a lot of you are curious about the GOCCO process, and may have never seen one in action, so I made a short video of me printing a layer. This machine can be used if I am working on an image that is smaller than 4×6, otherwise I mount my screens to larger frames and use a squeegee to print them the traditional way. A couple apologies to note: first sorry for the awkward angle (must remember to film horizontally next time), second apology: this obviously isn’t the entire process (ie: screen processing with my thermofax, stretching the screen, inking, the printing of each color layer, etc), I just wanted you to get an idea of the layering behind the gocco/screenprint process, and how each color must be “registered” (aka lined up) with the previous layers. I hope you like it… Music courtesy of The Pretty Lights.


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