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patterns & paws returns

15 Aug

I did a little happy dance when I went to the postbox today to discover an envelope from Maryland sent by Anika Starmer (@aisforanika). Yes, I was excited to get an envelope of treats from a good friend, but I was more so thrilled because I knew our current collaborative sketchbook projects were concealed inside. To catch my new readers up: I initiated this project patterns & paws for the two of us about a year and a half ago now. The idea started to blossom 3 years ago when I drew the filigree deer in my first Art House Sketchbook Project that I started in late summer 2009. The concept evolved further when I finished my “animal patterns” series of moleskine notebooks and continued with my Sketchbook Project the following year. I was thrilled to see the interaction of animals with pattern; so with my love of paws and with Anika’s love of patterns, I thought our work would be a great way to continue this initial idea of mine. The first post I wrote about this collaboration includes the specifics of the project while the following four posts herehere, here and here, chronicle the additions as the two sketchbooks have progressed. Essentially we create diptychs (she draws on the left, I draw on the right) as well as 2 page spreads where we create on both pages. I am thrilled to share Anika’s fantastic new additions to the project and I’m stoked to have them back in Canada so that I can add some pretty little paws to her patterned pages. I already have ideas churning in my head about what to add to her awesome markmaking, so stay tuned to see what I contribute to these pages. It has been so incredible to watch this project evolve and grow and I value our friendship so much, because we foster it with such great art and creativity! Do you love the new pages? And if this is your first time seeing patterns & paws, what do you think of the project?! Comments are always appreciated! Thanks for reading :)

the end of an era

4 Jun

I am a true taurus who is constantly resisting change… so I am sharing some news with both happy and sad feelings; my parents recently listed (and just SOLD) their house, as they are both retired and looking to move up to the mountains in BC full time. I have only ever lived in three homes my entire life: this one in 100 mile with John for almost 2 years, my cabin in Windermere for many many summers, and my childhood home in Calgary. Sad to think that when I was just home a short month ago, it would be the last time I’d sleep under that roof. My architect parents designed the home, and so it really is a work of art that is impossible not to admire. I recently placed a mixed media painting of this special house (that I did back in my second year of ACAD) on my bookshelf, to honor and help me keep close all of the wonderful memories and feelings that I take from that gorgeous place. This home will be lovingly remembered and forever missed.

the anthology: a collaboration with Carney

25 Jan

I have been working on an on-going collaboration with my friend, mentor, sister from another mister, Carney Oudendag for several months now. You may remember the project in it’s beginning stages from this previous blog post. The collaborative we’re doing has been very relaxed… somewhat of a mail art item that we have been sending back and forth a few times. Just last week she found this pile of goodies in her mail box which contained many collected vintage book pages/magazines /sewing patterns & some interesting textured papers for her collage work along with our collaborative project. It’s an accordion book with about half a dozen pages on each side; there have been no guidelines about media, theme, etc. we were to just add to it as we pleased and when we feel we have altered it enough, we’d send it back to each other. This was my second time adding to the book and I was happily surprised to see that it has slowly developed into a natural-themed volume that centers around birds!!! I am super pleased with how well our styles are blending. It’s even hard to tell at some points who added what! I need to, of course, share a few detail shots so that you can truly appreciate all of the texture, layers and media that now make this book a piece of art. Carney and I both feel that the book is nearing it’s completion; we don’t want to over work it. She says she’s going to be adding just a few more details and then will send it back to me so I can also have a “conclusion” with it. Little does she know, she may never see the book again if she does that, because my bookshelf has been yearning to add this beauty to it’s collection.