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adios playa

4 Apr

Vacations seem to come and go in the blink of an eye. My trip in the Mayan Riviera was a wonderful week for me: I focused on relaxing, reading, taking a break from the studio & household duties, soaking up culture and spending some much needed quality time with my family as well as some romantic dates with my beau. I will have to get back to the art grind soon, as I have several commissions, mail art replies, an upcoming art contest and looming spring farmer’s market dates that are going to have me busy in the studio and on the blog but for now, here are some of my lasting memories from Mexico:From the top: epic wall of Mexican kitsch, beach bar at dusk, happy couple after dinner, hookah bar with citrus sheesha, beach sunrise, romantic seaside shot, day of the dead collectibles, the family, senor bigote (mister moustache) times two, incredible leather jewelry shop & strolling down 5th avenue in Playa Del Carmen.

good eats and tasty drinks

3 Apr

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I’m sure everyone would agree that eating and drinking are always a pleasure, but the romance with gluttony ends when ideas for what to make for dinner start to dwindle or when the dirty dishes begin to pile up in the sink. While in Mexico, my relationship with indulgence was in full swing! Apart from enjoying some seriously amazing food from both buffet and a la carte menus as well as drinking at full range bars with friendly staff ready to make any cocktail you’d like, not having to do any of the cooking or cleaning was a total treat.

incredible & inspiring creatures

2 Apr

Wherever I am, animals are always on my mind. My vacation to sunny Mexico graced me with the opportunity to encounter so many wondrous and beautiful creatures; even animals that I never imagined that I’d get to see in real life, let alone hold and touch some of them!  My heart was truly aflutter when I encountered the following critters… In order from above: a bee eater on the edge of the swim-up pool, the intimidating praying mantis, flirty tabby cat (one of the resort’s resident hunters), a sleepy baby leopard, a cute and clumsy baby striped tiger, a gaze of white nosed coatimundi (adorable members of the racoon family). Also seen during the trip, but not photographed: melodious blackbirds, iguanas, geckos and seven different types of fish while snorkeling in the fresh/salt water mix of the local marshlands.