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feeling the pressure

14 Nov

Sorry to use bad puns, but I have been feeling the pressure (both literally and figuratively) this week; I have been spending a lot of time hand-pressing new coasters, magnets, pocket mirrors and buttons in preparation for The Make It! Handmade Revolution show in Edmonton, Alberta which is a short 7 sleeps away, so it is crunch time!!!

time to celebrate (giveaway)

20 Aug

Awesome fact of the day: this is the 400th post I’ve written on this little blog of mine! I am still shocked at how this space has evolved over the past year and a half and I am so happy to not only have a record of my adventures but to know that there are hundreds (I can’t believe I can even say that!) of people who have been along for the ride with me. As a celebration of this milestone post and as a THANK-YOU to all of my readers for supporting me, my art, my ideas and my dreams, I am doing a big GIVEAWAY! Four lovely prizes are up for grabs: 1. Black feather limited edition hand-printed relief moleskine journal, a Who? HOO! zine, a great horned owl magnet, and a grizzly bear pocket mirror.2. Falling Feathers limited edition hand-pulled screenprint moleskine journal, limited edition hand-pulled screenprint on balsa wood, a great horned owl magnet, and a chipping sparrow pocket mirror.3. Molecular Bear limited edition hand-pulled screenprint moleskine journal, a Figuring You Out zine, a great horned owl magnet, and a grizzly bear pocket mirror.4. Cross-Bearing Ram limited edition hand-pulled screenprint moleskine journal, an I Remember You zine, a great horned owl magnet, and a chipping sparrow pocket mirror.

To be entered to win one of these four fabulous prize packages, all you have to do is be a follower of this blog and leave a comment below. If you aren’t yet subscribed to the blog, you should be; I am always posting new, fun and creative things that will hopefully inspire you (plus I’d love to have you stop by and chat more), so go ahead and just click the button over in the right hand side bar to join the party and leave a quick comment to be eligible for these super rad prizes. The giveaway closes on August 30st, and the winners will be announced and contacted on August 31st. If you can’t wait to get your pretty little paws on some of these treats, they are all available for sale right now in my etsy shop.

a beautiful life… 7 questions & a giveaway

20 Jun

It is a beautiful life isn’t?! That’s why I love Liv (the pretty little thing seen above) who uses her gorgeous blog to celebrate all things beautiful in life: big, small and every feeling in between. I met this vivacious blogger at the OOAK show back in December where she especially oohed and aahed over my etching of two wolves, Encomium. After chatting for a bit afterwards via e-mail and twitter we intended to do a little blog feature, but the beginning of 2012 flew by us both far too fast! Luckily we are now both ready to seize summer and so we finally got this lovely feature in order.  Liv ( wrote some very kind words about my work and interviewed me with some really interesting and different questions; it is worth the read! Plus I sent Liv some Nature’s My Friend goodies so be sure to also enter the great giveaway she is hosting. And if you can’t wait for a giveaway to end before you get your paws on some of my artwork, then be sure to read the article so that you can spot a discount code for your purchase from my etsy shop!