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in my heart & in my memories

8 Apr

IMG_0947It fills me with sadness to share this news, but I am also flooded with happy memories of love; my family dog, mister Dexter Oliver Gowling, recently passed away. He was at the rich age of 77 dog years (not bad for a little guy). Dexter was one of my best friends who was an adorable sweetheart and a loyal loving companion. His last few years were spent in the wilderness of Windermere, BC: chasing the resident squirrel, napping in the sunshine or keeping a watch over the porch of the cabin. My little buddy, I hope you are happy and safe, and I can’t wait to see you again one day; until then, you are in my heart and in my memories.

international hugging day

21 Jan

kelseyfraserHUGToday is super special… Why? It’s international hugging day! How awesome of an occasion is that? Several countries celebrate: Canada, USA, UK, Russia, Australia, Germany, Poland, Iran, and China. As a girl who is known for constantly handing out embraces and spewing forward “I love you’s,” this random holiday is something I can get behind. Couldn’t help but share one of my favourite collected drawings from the incredible illustrator Kelsey Fraser. Happy hugging today, my little nature friends!

one year later & so in love

17 Aug

Today marks John and my engagement anniversary! It has been a whirlwind year (lots of fond memories and many changes) and although I didn’t think it was possible, I feel closer than ever to this wonderful man. Our lives continue to unfold with many blessings, and our love is one of the biggest. Now that we are settled in a new town that we adore, with my studio almost complete and John working at a radio station he LOVES, perhaps we will finally start looking towards the future and begin planning the big day. Although I must admit, I’d much rather cuddle on the couch with him than pick out color themes and dinner menus. I guess that instead of imagining my ‘big day’ and what it would be like, I’ve always just dreamed of finding someone special to spend the rest of my life with…. mission accomplished: one year and counting.