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28 Nov

I recently completed a new altered book piece and it made me relish in a flood of wonderful memories… My love affair with illustrating Canadian animals started at the beginning of my BFA, but my interest in birds really took off when I went to work and live in Invermere almost 5 years ago now. The tree swallow was an easy creature to fall in love with: dozens of them were always flying about the lake catching meals, sitting in groups on the telephone wires, and a family even nested for two consecutive summers right against inside an overhang on the porch of the gallery I worked for! Although my endearment of all types of avian creatures has grown exponentially (especially this past summer with my framed feathers installation)¬†tree swallows will always hold a claim on a special place in my heart as one of my favorite feathered friends. The found poem reads “kindred spirits who play, dance and dream above us” while two beautiful tree swallows fly amongst a sky of pale blue and muted words. The mixed media used to create this piece includes graphite, pencil crayon and watercolour paint. I’m pretty proud of this new altered book piece and can’t wait to show it off at the One of a Kind Show in almost a week!!!


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