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spring sketchbook snaps

6 May

Last week consisted of a lot of spring cleaning, but it also yielded tons of much needed creativity. Because of this, my sketchbooks saw a lot of love. I’ve been trying to just doodle and sketch more, as I tend to over work a lot of drawings due to my obsession with detail and texture. Simplifying my illustrations has been fun.Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 12.11.43 PM Although of course, I can’t stay away from meticulously drawing animals, and so a few more excessive renderings have started to emerge. Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 12.12.36 PMSome new pieces in my ongoing collaborative sketchbooks with Anika Starmer, Patterns & Paws, have started to come together. Stoked to finally have a bit of time to devote to these beauties so I can mail them back to Maryland soon. Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 12.12.02 PMWhat have you been drawing in your sketchbook?

one line a day

15 Feb

From a young age I always enjoyed writing: my grandfather introduced me to poetry in elementary school and writing rhymes came naturally, in junior high and high school, keeping a diary was therapeutic for me, and during post-secondary writing was a natural part of my sketchbook and imagery planning process. Since graduating a couple years ago, my blog has become a place for me to write and chronicle my ideas, however I had been looking for a way to get back into some more personal journaling. In December after the One of a Kind Show, I treated myself at Paper-Ya to this gorgeous volume by Chronicle Books and have been writing in it every day since the New Year began. It is titled “One Line a Day – A Five Year Memory Book.” Also for Christmas, my sister conveniently gifted me the purple and blue bird/feather 7 year pen by sustainable seltzer goods; the perfect writing utensil for the 5 years of journaling ahead of me.The intention of this clever volume is to take the pressure out of daily journaling by only having to write a line or two instead of an entire paragraph or page. There is nothing intimidating about the writing process. This format has helped me to condense my thoughts (somewhat like Twitter’s character limit) so that I am more precise with my wording while chronicling everyday adventures. The gorgeous teal cover protects gold-leafed pages, each with their own date at the top and five separate sections to write in. The journal is organized so that when I am finished (by the end of 2016), every page will hold five separate memories that occurred on that particular date (one from each of the past five years). I’ve enjoyed adding to this book every night, and am excited for even just the second year of writing when I get to compare my new adventures directly with those of 2012. And for some of my later escapades in life (although I am getting ahead of myself) I have been eyeing up this other Chronicle Books volume for when John and I decide to start a family.

manly journals

21 Oct

Since the spring I’ve been accumulating a big stack of vintage books for my hand-bound altered book journals. Lately I’ve been bookbinding quite a bit as the OOAK show quickly approaches. It’s been a blast to pick out favorite titles or textured covers from the large pile and then search for the perfect paper to line the inside covers with. Recently I experienced a refreshing change from the regular pastel patterns and titles like ‘Pure as the Lily,’ when I decided to bind a few volumes that I consider to be manly.