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natural quotes & silhouettes

24 Jan

The second spread in my “I remember you” 2012 Art House Co-op Sketchbook Project is complete. I took inspiration from the pages shown below, of my lost 2011 sketchbook. The new spread began with a quote from one of my favorite naturalists, John Muir. I then used the quote to inspire my “silhouette” styled imagery. Here’s the new creation:  I used two custom mixed acrylics. One that was a pearlescent white to match the metallic rice paper I had used in my spread from the previous year. And then I had to mix a darker color with a sheen to match the original silhouette image. I used a mix of browns, greens, blacks and metallics to come up with a deep and glossy olive green. Like many of Muir’s quotes, his words always make step back and me look at the natural world the way that we all really should: as a big, gigantic, beautiful and vast space that is waiting to be explored, discovered, and appreciated… what a blessing we all share.


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