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five within the border

30 May

Snail mail has been taking over the blog lately it seems… an outgoing letter of mine was featured on a beautiful blog, and I made mention of a few outgoing envelopes in a recent mail art post; when I sent those bad boys out, I also posted five other beauties within the borders of Canada (which I believe have now arrived). I hope my pen pals were excited to find them in their mailboxes. jenncutnamSent with ♥ to Jenn Cutnam, amandaSent with ♥ to Amanda McNair, alexisSent with ♥ to Alexis Ly saylormadeSent with ♥ to Jeannine Saylor svsSent with ♥ to Sarah Van Sloten

more magical incoming mail

10 Feb

Still trying to get caught up with sharing my incoming snail mail treats! Even more so, now that my 30 or so outgoing replies to the following envelopes have recently reached their addressees. Today I’ll share half of what I have left in my unchronicled incoming pile, and tomorrow I will show you the rest. I have had an awesome weekend: feeling tons of creative freedom since taking the plunge, organizing and cleaning EVERYTHING so that I don’t have mess or chores cluttering my mind, and spending lots of overdue quality time with some friends and family. Here’s some pretty postal treasures that hope inject a little creativity into your long weekend.  christinetaywith ♥ from Christine Tay katierhoodeswith ♥ from Katie Rhoodes nicolewith ♥ from Nicole Palmer alexiswith ♥ from Alexis Ly jessmaynewith ♥ from Jessica Mayne ziewith ♥ from Zie Campbell amandamwith ♥ from Amanda McNair jennycutnamwith ♥ from Jenny Cutnam cheetarahwith ♥ from Cheetarah

sending and opening special snail mail

30 May

As always, I have some lovely snail mail treats to share with you this week: 5 outgoing packages and 6 incoming envelopes. I must say, now that it’s finally spring, I’ve really been enjoying the short bike rides in the sunshine to the postbox and back to drop off and pick up letters… my neighbours should be jealous when they see me riding back with the loveliest postal loot!

sent with love to: Nick Oostyen and Olivia Delorme (@o_delorme)

sent with love to: Justice Bicycle (@justicebicycle)

sent with love to: Jane Murray

sent with love to: Jenny Cutnam

sent with love to: Jeannine Saylor (@saylor_made)

with love from: Jillian Griffin (@jillgriffinart)

with love from: Charlotte Vallance (@charlsvallance)

with love from: Beverly Ealdama (@beverly_e)

with love from: Julia Webb

with love from: Pagrum Boom aka Miss Lemon

with love from: Sarah Churchill (@scjammycustard)