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canadian roots

30 Dec

rootscanadaYou all know I am a proud Canadian. I am obsessed with our wildlife, I love exploring our landscapes, and I even collect silly bits of Canadiana like Mountie portraits and beaver paintings. So the other week, when a Canadian icon contacted me personally, I was beyond flattered! The creative team behind Roots Canada‘s instagram page asked to “re-gram” (which means re-post) a recent image of mine as they celebrate Canadian Winter this week. I of course said YES! The image they chose was from several weeks ago featuring my elk and cardinals hand-pulled print. In their post they write “Today we celebrate Northern creatures with beautifully illustrated cardinals and elk by @naturesmyfriend. What do you love most about #canadianwinter?” What a wonderful holiday gift to have one of my images shared with Root’s 10K+ followers; even though we’re in the middle of a Canadian Winter, I feel all warm and tingly! *side note* there are only 2 of these prints left in the edition (available here), after that they will only be available as digitally printed postcards!

keeping in touch

6 Dec


iphone1Despite my best efforts to scramble and accomplish EVERYTHING that is on my busy brain these days, my blog continues to take a back seat. If it wasn’t for my recent leap into the technological age, I would be even less connected; Yes, I got an iPhone! My twitter followers and facebook friends must have noticed, as I jumped onto the Instagram bandwagon and started riding it hard. It is so nice to take a photo and be able to just share it… no  dealing with computer cords, uploading software, fighting Photoshop etc. I now see why I got so much scrutiny for my old flip phone of 5+ years: it was an outdated P.O.S.! NMFinstaMy name on Instagram is naturesmyfriend. I’d love to connect with you there, so follow me. In the meantime here are some favorites of my iPhone enabled snaps:instagramcollage1

a colossal surprise

6 Oct

My wonderful friend Rachel Betts-Wilmott from ACAD BFA days shared the best thing with me last night! Since I have yet to upgrade to a smart phone (for fear of taking the financial plunge) I’m still not on the instagram train; luckily my friends keep their eyes peeled for incredible gems like this: Yes, that is my submission to the Art House Co-op‘s Limited Edition Sketchbook Project, The Wise Owl, with over 720 likes!!!! Incredible. After doing a little research and tweeting some questions this way and that, I pieced together the mystery and continued to feel flattered: @Colossal is the person who shot this instagram photo, and is none other than Christopher Jobson, the author of the massively popular Art & Visual Ingenuity Website: COLOSSAL. Art House has Christopher visiting New York to curate a brand new show from their archive of over 22,000 (and still growing!) sketchbooks. They asked him to hand select 1,000 books for this special project called A Landmark & A Mission. Here Christopher explains “With generous support from Ugg Australia’s Creative Council the Sketchbook Project is building a custom-crafted trailer that will contain 1,000 sketchbooks I’ve selected around the theme ‘A Landmark & A Mission’ for inclusion in this first-ever mobile sketchbook library. In early November we’ll drive around the U.S. with stops in Pittsburgh, Ann Arbor, and Cleveland to share hundreds of artists work with you. It’s like art meets libraries meets road trip.” He indeed confirmed with me on twitter that my piece is being included in this small handful of selected sketchbooks. I am not only thrilled to have my work tour, have more people see it, and have another line on the CV, but to have someone who blogs daily about art & design, select my work for a special exhibition and to also say to me “Amazing work. Was showing it to everyone who came in yesterday… I just about fell out of my chair when I unfolded it” is beyond flattering! What a wonderful surprise to start the weekend off right.