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smiling at september

1 Sep

Figured I should face a new month and the beginning of a new season with some unbridled optimism. My pen pal and artist friend Sarah ensures that I am never short on a supply of her “Half Full” hand painted tags. I share their positive advice by mysteriously leaving them in random secret spots around town. My hope is that these beauties will catch someone off guard, and will instantly brighten their day. Here are some snaps of a few of the happy advice tags I left around this town recently: IMG_5847 IMG_5855 IMG_5850 IMG_5838 IMG_5840(to see a few more happy “half full” posts, click here).

too good tuesday #8

14 May

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 9.35.14 AMThis was too good to me today, and it’s the only thing I feel like celebrating right now. I woke up feeling awful (mostly due to recent stress and sickness), so I decided to take a rare day off of working out early, to catch some more well-needed z’s. I awoke exactly 3 hours later; good things come in threes. Sometimes it is the simplest things that can make us the happiest.

too good tuesday 7

7 May

YAY, too good tuesday is back! Lots of things to be happy & thankful for: birthdayIt was my birthday last tuesday! And it was too good: festive army balloon, epic pulled chicken tacos, scrumptious a la mode brownies, raspberry inspired cocktails, purple tulips and a happy and jingly chloroplast. I also got many messages or calls from loved ones and a few belated gifts arrived too!bikingmay5Getting the bikes tuned up and hitting the hills! dextersrestingplaceMy parents buried dearest dexter‘s ashes on a beautiful hill on the family cabin’s property: offering him a mighty fine resting spot, and hopefully further closure for all of us. IMG_4015A return to childhood with healthy snacks: ants on a log! The top row was the 1st test with hummus, cracked pepper & basil; no clever name for it as of yet though, nor the other “log” experiments I am dreaming up.maythefourthA fantastic “may the fourth be with you” kegger party, which I made an epic t-shirt for. Geekery and alcohol will always prevail.

A lot of time was spent with my sketchbooks last week too (as I mentioned in my post yesterday). Any too good¬†things happen lately that you’d like to share?