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smiling at september

1 Sep

Figured I should face a new month and the beginning of a new season with some unbridled optimism. My pen pal and artist friend Sarah ensures that I am never short on a supply of her “Half Full” hand painted tags. I share their positive advice by mysteriously leaving them in random secret spots around town. My hope is that these beauties will catch someone off guard, and will instantly brighten their day. Here are some snaps of a few of the happy advice tags I left around this town recently: IMG_5847 IMG_5855 IMG_5850 IMG_5838 IMG_5840(to see a few more happy “half full” posts, click here).

half full – spreading positivity

6 Sep

Often there is just not enough sunshine, rainbows and positivity in the world, so sometimes you’ve got to put some out there yourself. My incredible pal Sarah Hutchinson Burke (@thesecondmagpie) creates adorable little tags of optimism, some of which I have already happily distributed into the vast wilderness of Western Canada (you can see the photos of previous half full adventures here). Being the spoiled rotten girl that I am, I received a package from Sarah right before my move from 100 Mile, that was filled with more positive installation materials. Since arriving in the West Kootenays, I have been so excited to get out with these, hang them in unexpected places and hope to remind people to look on the bright side of life; now that four of these beautiful tags found new homes around the city of Castlegar, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve succeeded in making a few more people smile. On the pathway across the Columbia river to Zuckerberg IslandHidden amongst a piece made of found metals from the SculpturewalkOn a no parking sign in the smoke pit at the local high schoolTied to a park bench near the splash zone in Kinsmen Park

Even just posting these photos is making me smile! I hope others have been noticing and appreciating them too. Thanks again to Sarah for being a catalyst for positivity. I promise more half full adventures will be posted and shared with you soon.

a happy walk in the woods

28 May

Went for a nice long walk in the woods this morning with the sunshine. I meandered down near the creek and smiled at all of the little green buds poking up everywhere. The quiet babbling chatter of the moving water and several melodic birds calling to their feathered friends were the perfect soundtrack. It was great to start the day getting lost in both nature and my thoughts.  Coming to the end of the trail, I couldn’t believe what I saw: one of the “Half Full” tags I had hung back in January when I did a little art installation out in the forest using TheSecondMagpie’s mini positivity pieces. Nearly three months later the little guy is still there; although he is slightly rippled with a tear in his upper right corner, twirled string and the loss of part of his U, his bright and cheerful message still speaks loud and clear. Funny that even though I’m the one who hung that tag out there, its presence almost 100 days later surprised me and made me grin. What a lovely start to the day.