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soul searcher

10 Aug

The drawing I shared with you last week is complete! This gorgeous wolf seems to stare right through me; I titled him soul searcher because of that powerful gaze. It’s always so satisfying to finish a drawn portrait where you can truly feel the animal’s energy… one of the many reasons why my passion in drawing has always been tied with animals. This beauty is now framed and hung at Blackstar Studios & Gallery; they sold two large etchings of mine over the weekend, so we decided to fill the empty wall space with yet another gorgeous creature of mine.

i remember you: the beginning

16 Jan

As I mentioned in my first post about my 2012 Art House Co-op Sketchbook Project, I am creating a homage to my “Figuring You Out” 2011 sketchbook (which sadly got lost in the postal system). The first place to start with my new blank book was of course at the beginning, so I tackled my new 2012 title page, using this photo as inspiration:Naturally I knew I wanted to draw my fur texture/pattern all over the first page with the theme’s title written out in white. ‘Replicating’ the inside cover page on the left wasn’t as important to me. The theme I chose for my 2012 sketchbook is “I Remember You”; very fitting considering my honorary plans for this book. I decided to draw the title in a cursive/handwritten style font, because the making of this book so far feels as though I am writing a heartfelt letter to a long lost friend. For the inside cover, I decided to use something that would compliment the title page aesthetically. Gold leaf is one of my favorite materials, expecially for it’s subtleties in texture, reflection and tone – a perfect contrast to my hundreds of tiny black ink lines and white script on the opposing page. Gold is also a symbol of importance and wealth, which speaks to the richness of my memories of the lost book and how much creating this homage means to me. I am excited with the first results of this project, and I can’t wait to keep making more. Since I am drawing inspiration from the existing spreads of my lost 2011 sketchbook, I have a lot of my new ideas already mapped out, which leaves no need for me to be intimidated by the blank pages. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you soon!

my first ever zine

25 Mar

As you may know, I suffered from tendinitis for a good 2 months of the beginning of 2011 and was unable to use my hand at all. Creatively it was very stifling, and then it hit me: I was still able to use a computer and had become fairly competent with the mouse, why not make some digital art!? My mail art production finally began again as I made things for friends on-screen. The results were so fantastic that I was inspired to take finally take the plunge into the world of zines. With friends from my BFA days who create zines regularly,  I’ve always admired zines’ charm and delivery of information and images. I had interest in making one, but just never knew where to start; tendinitis gave me the shove I needed. The zine is titled mountains made of fur, and is based loosely on the idea that ‘mountains are more than just rocks and trees; they are a part of the beings who roam their surface.’ My practice explores human/animal/environment relationships and I also have a fascination with the texture of fur. It is just a little photocopied zine, but is still filled with enough awesomeness to make me beam with pride (like a set of stickers for example). It’s printed in a limited edition of 50, and I have already traded over a third of them. I plan to send a zine to each of my mail art friends in their next replies, but if we aren’t mail art pen pals AND you are interested in owning one of my zines, I would be more than happy to trade. I will send a zine to the first 10 people who leave a comment on this post, in exchange for a postcard, drawing, photo or any other small trinket that they feel is worthy of an exchange. Can’t wait to distro them all into the big, bad world. Alright…. who wants one?