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far north, furry friends & fishing additions

15 Nov

Something almost everyone knows about me is that I am a sucker for Canadiana: kitschy, educational, valuable, or just plain weird!!! I truly appreciate all of the quirky images, objects, animals and people (be it beavers, mounties, maple leafs, hockey, etc) that collectively form this wonderfully diverse country’s identity. In particular I have a love for collecting Canadian stamps and I am proud to add these new beauties to my cabinet of curiosities. Although they aren’t nearly as old as some of my other collected philatelic lovelies, they certainly each have a unique Canadian charm that make them worthy additions.

natural duality in the shop

2 Oct

Finally, after a longer wait than promised, I have listed some of my pinback button badges and fridge magnets in my etsy shop. Currently for sale are badges and magnets of the screenprinted Natural Duality Series which features seven different wild animal pairs found in my gorgeous country, Canada: Grizzly Bear, Big Horned Sheep, Cottontail Rabbits, Squirrels, Wolves and Foxes!  Both magnets and pinback buttons are available in animal pairs or as the entire set of fourteen! Bring some nature into your everyday life by pinning these cute Canadian creatures to your coat or having them hold up photos onto your fridge. Other magnet and pin-back button designs will be listed in the shop by the end of December after the OOAK Vancouver Show. Come on over to  the shop and see the new pieces.

worldwide smiles

8 Feb

Yesterday was a day to celebrate, for I made some awesome people smile. First and foremost, it was my beau’s birthday so we indulged in a lazy day and good food. I even managed to bake a cake, but with my right hand still on the mend, my writing skills with the colored icing were about on par with that of a 7 year old. It’s the thought that counts though right? Plus, the cake was delicious.

Smiles were popping up in other parts of the globe too, thanks to my mail art. In Texas my friend and print artist Johnny Dimas (aka Federales) got his first dose of mail art from me. A monster, with a talking stomach, was dictating the envelope’s addresses. Inside: an altered gocco print, fun found objects and some groovy illustrated stickers. (the smoke pack in particular made me think of one of Johnny’s latest screen prints Kool Keith Gig Poster).

The other smiling face? Adorable illustrator Ella Masters from the UK! Miss @ella_masters was so excited about her mail art, she even wrote a blog post about little old me! I sent her a pretty pink square envelope with little crayola creatures writing the addresses. Her plethora of goodies included stickers, a finger puppet, a 90s dreamboat, scrapbook paper and an adorable fox head painted on a sheet of balsa wood. Can’t wait to see what Johnny’s and Ella’s creative little minds come up with in response… I’m sure I’ll be smiling when their packages arrive.