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spice up your life

24 Feb

For several months now I have been trying to live a healthier lifestyle, including eating cleaner and always cooking from home. A common complaint from people when switching to a healthier diet is that “it lacks in flavor,” and to all of those people, I have only one word to say: SPICE. Not only does it make food tastier, more exciting and better looking, there are also tons of health benefits that are found specifically in herbs, roots or seeds. This quick little article from Whole Living is a great reference that lists the health properties of commonly used spices and also gives you quick suggestions of what foods go best with which spice.  spicerack2Much like anything, with just a little practice and testing, you will get the hang of using these flavor-boosters in no time. Unless I’m baking, it’s rare that I get my measuring spoons out anymore: I just have fun adding dashes of flavor here and there, because experimenting and happy mistakes should all be a natural part of the creative act of cooking. So don’t be scared, shake on some spice for extra flavor and coincidentally extra nutrients. spicerack1To make adding spice to my everyday cooking much simpler, I recently organized, cleaned up, re-stocked and properly labeled my (normally neglected) spice rack. This beauty was gifted to me by my mother several years ago when I left home, and I must admit I hadn’t been using it as often as I’d liked: it needed a switch out of spices and some better labels. spicerack3The addition of more frequently used spices, a nice cleaning, and some radtastic black and white name tags from my Dymo Label Maker, made my spice rack one of the best things in my kitchen now! spicerack4So what are you waiting for? Get your spices out, get them organized and inject some health and heat into both your cooking and your lifestyle.

too good tuesday #2

19 Feb

Life has been flying by (as per usual), and it’s already time for the second installment of too good tuesday. Here is my previous round up of links, in case you missed it last week.valentinestreatValentine’s Day was sweet and thoughtful. blueskyOutside, it felt like spring; blue skies overhead.natashanewtonNatasha Newton’s new blog/project is gorgeous and inspiring. indianNOMToasting brand new spices and cooking from scratch all day yielded one of the best Indian meals I’ve ever made. printmakingGot back to printmaking & started producing some new moleskines for my shop. Had a happy accident when almost running out of lino ink… mixed 1 part block printing ink to 1 part screen print ink: the ink block stayed moist, had better ink transfer to both the plate and paper, and my prints dried quickly.

What was too good to you this past week?

too good tuesday

12 Feb

I’m excited to post the first of a new weekly post: too good tuesday. Many of my friends do weekly round up posts featuring things that they’ve been up to, art/craft they are inspired by, recipes that they’ve tried, new blogs or books that they are reading etc. (just to name a couple of my faves: Jeannine Saylor‘s  Thursday’s Collection and Jaime Maddalena‘s good things). I can’t help but want to start sharing some of my inspiration links on a weekly basis too! toogoodtuesdayFEB11-1With all of the sunshine we’ve been getting the past few days, I have been working on my outdoorphins. Hard not to want to take a walk in the sunshine when I practically live in a postcard.toogoodtuesdaysFEB11-2With blue skies becoming more consistent, I got excited and pulled our bikes out of storage. I found an adorable video, produced by etsy, about tuning up your wheels for spring. I’m inspired to get my ride in tip top shape so that I can cruise the next time full sunshine hits… although I’ve probably jinxed the good weather; cue snow next week!toogoodtuesdayFEB11-5My fiancé’s birthday was last week and in an attempt to steer away from a sugar loaded cake, I made banana bread muffins for John’s celebratory dessert using this recipe (while adding almost double the bananas, naturally). I dipped them all in a simple lemon glaze… but only because of the occasion.toogoodtuesdayFEB11-4I’ve been falling in love with my studio all over again! This room means more than anything to me right now, especially with my recent job status. Currently I’m trying to create a clean space so that I can have a clear mind. I’ve organized some of my art supplies using this old trick and sorted out a bit of digital mess with advice from Kaitlyn of isavirtue.toogoodtuesdayFEB11-3John and I had a lazy Sunday this long weekend and met up with his wonderful cousin and her husband who treated us to a ridiculously scrumptious Bent Fork brunch.

What’s been too good to you as of late? Any links you care to share?