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a fleeting fall

23 Oct

Although I started celebrating autumn at the beginning of September, the true cool air and orangey red leaves showed up just over a week ago. This is one of the only photos I’ve taken so far of this gorgeously colorful season. Yesterday it started to rain, and it hasn’t stopped; the forecast claims it’s here to stay all week. I am hopeful that when a bit of sunshine comes out again there will still be some wonderful fall foliage for me to capture with my cameras. Might I remind my readers too that there is just under a week left to submit your photographs, images, poems, or any creative entities, to my October’s collaborative post “Autumnal.” Send your submissions to naturesmyfriend@gmail.com and have your work featured here on the blog!

still fall

3 Nov

The wind has been picking up, the sun is setting sooner, there’s been a few snowfalls, and the car is often covered in frost in the morning. If it wasn’t for these pretty green leaves still clinging to the trees, I might have started to think it was the beginning of winter.