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canadian roots

30 Dec

rootscanadaYou all know I am a proud Canadian. I am obsessed with our wildlife, I love exploring our landscapes, and I even collect silly bits of Canadiana like Mountie portraits and beaver paintings. So the other week, when a Canadian icon contacted me personally, I was beyond flattered! The creative team behind Roots Canada‘s instagram page asked to “re-gram” (which means re-post) a recent image of mine as they celebrate Canadian Winter this week. I of course said YES! The image they chose was from several weeks ago featuring my elk and cardinals hand-pulled print. In their post they write “Today we celebrate Northern creatures with beautifully illustrated cardinals and elk by @naturesmyfriend. What do you love most about #canadianwinter?” What a wonderful holiday gift to have one of my images shared with Root’s 10K+ followers; even though we’re in the middle of a Canadian Winter, I feel all warm and tingly! *side note* there are only 2 of these prints left in the edition (available here), after that they will only be available as digitally printed postcards!

happy holidays – new work

9 Nov

I gave you a sneak preview of my holiday designs near the end of October, and I am so excited to finally reveal them to you today! And since I’m officially in the holiday mood, I also changed my blog and shop headers for winter. My new holiday inspired creations have been a long time coming… I seriously started thinking about my imagery back in September. Each illustration is a combination of graphite drawing, watercolor painting and digital. A gorgeous red cardinal with a festive bough of holly and the greeting “happy holidays!” A furry grizzly bear with a delicate snowflake and the classic line “let it snow!” A majestic elk with a bundle of pine and the holiday saying “season’s greetings!” I’m also selling these three designs in a 3 pack. Your comments are always welcome, and I’d be thrilled if you were interested in sending any of these holiday cards to your loved ones! They are all listed in my etsy shop in the new holiday section!

caribou and bluebirds

13 Feb

This post features the last spread left to share from my “I Remember You” Art House Co-op sketchbook. In 2011, when completing my “Figuring You Out” sketchbook, I was actually working on my first gocco multi-colored print, the elk and six red cardinals, seen above. While printing the final layer of black, I decided to do a proof print directly into my 2011 sketchbook and then painted it in with watercolor. On the left hand side I placed in a heart patterned paper and wrote the words “I heart gocco” in between the shapes.I have actually been working on a counterpart for this image for almost 6 months now and I luckily had all of my stencils finished in time to incorporate the new image into my 2012 sketchbook as a homage to this above page. I chose to illustrate another mega-fauna with an impressive rack to play host to a half dozen beautiful bluebirds: the caribou. Because I’m not in the screen printing stage just yet, I made a xerox copy of my black stencil and did a solvent transfer of it into my sketchbook. I then used watercolor paints to colour them in. The pattern on the left was digitally altered so that it would match the soft blues of the birds and a strip of graph patterned washi tape seals up the spine.I am looking forward to getting the actual screenprint going. These images may have inspired a new series, as I keep jotting down more and more ideas into my sketchbook based on these two pieces. Keep your eyes peeled for the caribou & bluebirds gocco screenprint in the shop, hopefully by the end of the month. Plus don’t forget that since this is the last spread of the volume left to share, I will be posting about the rebound cover and will also show you a video of me “reading” my sketchbook tomorrow!