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valley gourmand

9 Aug

Apart from soaking up the scenery, visiting my family and friends, or selling my artwork, the thing I love most about going back to the Columbia Valley is the delicious food choices. It’s tough not to become a complete gourmand when beautiful dishes like these are available.The crispy flatbreads from (my two good girlfriends, Kristine and Ruth’s restaurant) The Pynelogs Cafe (aka The Scotty Burger), are to die for! It’s an amazing from scratch restaurant where you can sit on a gorgeous sun soaked patio overlooking Kinsmen Beach in Invermere. The treats from Tony’s Greek Grill in Fairmont like calamari, donairs, souvlaki, salad and lemon oregano fries are always sure-fire crowd pleasers. Sushi and Edamame from Fubuki Sushi was thoroughly¬†enjoyed outside in the evening sunshine after Tour of the Arts and I can hardly wait to get back sometime soon to gorge on felafels at the brand new Safta’s Kitchen in Radium. There sure are some good eats in the valley!