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mountain life

3 Jun

My pal Heather and I have been having quite a few conversations lately about what it means to live in the mountains. Naturally there are a lot of things that define what everyday life is like amongst snowy peaks and river valleys, but yesterday we lived the true definition of it. 1 3Good friends (and Castlegar natives) Kenny and Marcella, took us fishing in a fantastic spot on the Columbia River across from the pulp mill and a short distance from the dam. The water was an incredible teal blue and the forest stretched over the mountains for miles.2 5Luck seemed to be on our side, as we ended up with a gorgeous bounty of beautiful rainbow trout. The bird watching, cold cocktails, good company and sand between my toes weren’t too bad either. 4 6We got some great lessons on catching, cleaning, gutting and cutting the fish, plus some serious chef expertise about how to then cook those babies to perfection. The feast was a wonderful way to celebrate our successful venture; literally tasting the rewards of an entire day well spent with what the mountains have to offer.

aerial gradient

6 Mar

gradientThe views from the bridge when walking across the Columbia River are so gorgeous. The captivating mountain ranges watching over the valley are always a sight to behold, but the downwards view of land gradually turning into water is just as stunning of a sight.

a walk around Zuckerberg

25 Oct

One of my besties Heather and I did a fabulous walk around Zuckerberg Island last week. This island sits amidst the Columbia River and is just a short walk from my house. I’m always amazed at the beauty of nature; from the simplest things like a fallen maple leaf amongst grey rocks to a mosaic of mountain and sky amidst the pine cones and branches. A walk through the woods always lifts my spirits… not to mention spending quality time with great company.