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obsessive consumption

20 Jul

I borrowed and read an awesome artist book from the library that I’d heard lots about in the past: Obsessive Consumption, what did you buy today? by Kate Bingaman-Burt, a professor at Portland State University and a true zine queen. Kate started drawing her purchases back in early 2006 as daily sketchbook doodles and she hasn’t stopped since. These simple sketches have become well-renowned and they speak of far more than just consumerism: her quirky representations make underlying comments about our material-driven culture, yet they also give us a peek into the artist’s life and their current on-goings. This book made me look into my own recent purchases a little more, (and since I’d been missing drawing so much) I was inspired to do a bit of materialistic doodling myself, Bingaman-Burt style.

patterns & paws – progress 3

6 Apr

I opened my postbox yesterday to find a package I have been anxiously awaiting for several months, from the lovely Anika Starmer (@aisforanika). Last year I launched a collaborative project for us, centered around her love of patterns & color and my interest in paws & animals; two sketchbooks are slowly being altered with our artwork colliding. If this is the first you have heard of this project, click herehere and here to see the previous (more detailed) posts along with the progressive development of these two books over the past year. Above are Anika’s lovely additions to my pages, and below are the new images and inspiration that she has created for me to add onto!I wish I could instantly get to doodling in reply, but my plate is currently full with projects that have quickly approaching deadlines: two commissioned drawings, a local art contest, and my Art House Limited Edition Sketchbook. I’ve got a feeling that when the sun starts shinning in late spring, this lovely collaboration will be front and center.