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things of this nature

17 Apr

Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-3 Untitled-4 Untitled-5 Untitled-6Untitled-7 A talented artist, Carney Oudendag, is someone who I am proud to not only call a friend, but a fellow collaborator. Her and I have worked on two projects in the past; a multi-colored screenprint edition and a mixed-media accordion book. Our next project (which we are currently working on) was prompted by the discovery of 7 unused panel boards during a studio clean-up. When I mentioned my find, Carney admitted to having some spare canvases laying around the studio and said she would happily donate them to a new series of collaborative works!

The project has evolved a bit over the past few months, but in a nutshell, we are both be altering and adding to 14 pieces (7 board, 7 canvas). Our guiding theme and title of the show is Things of this Nature, a notion that rings true even in our solo work. Animal, insect, environmental, botanical or otherwise natural influences are at the forefront of our inspiration for this series. The only true stipulation is that the works must be finished and ready to hang at Pynelogs in Invermere, for our show August 4th-16th.

Above are the 7 panel boards that I began with and put my magic on. These are now in Carney’s studio, waiting for her additions and alterations. Meanwhile I have her 7 canvases, which I’ll share with you in a later post). After we both add to each others work, we plan to come together for a mini-residency to put finishing touches on the pieces and title them. I am very excited to see how this series evolves and what beautiful works emerge from the combination of our creative skills.

wrapping things to unwrap ideas

24 Dec

drawingsnthings1I have been trying to unlock my creative mind’s eye for the past couple months, and as you may remember from my last post, inspiration had been fleeing from me. This is the first year in the past three, that I decided to not participate in Art House’s Sketchbook Project so, I lacked that yearly catalyst which often helps me get to creating and producing after that tiring slump that always follows my holiday shows. I am happy to say that a present came early for me this year as I finally unwrapped some of my ideas last night. Ironically, it was right after I wrapped up a new journal. Perhaps all it took was starting with something “crafty” that didn’t require a fabulous outcome. I mean how hard is it to coat a cover in glue then stick some brown paper onto it? drawingsnthings2 drawingsnthings3That simple action of just making got me going, and all of a sudden I was in a creative mood, turning to blank pages, grabbing from piles of collected ephemera, diving into paints to mix specific hues, etc… the discovery of material was a definite stimulus. I forgot how much fun it is to just “play,” and before I knew it my first two page spread was complete. It is my hope that this new bound book will become a frequent creative vehicle for me in the new year that will foster the documentation of thoughts. Did you wrap or unwrap something today that inspired you? (Christmas pun intended).

living in a space between

27 Jan

I’m getting close to finishing my Art House Co-op sketchbook project, which is a good thing considering it has to be postmarked by the 31st. I have already shared a few of the finished pieces with you and am excited to continue sharing my progress over the next few weeks. The new piece I’m posting today was inspired by the existing spread, pictured below, from my 2011 sketchbook project that got lost in the mail.When I had originally created that image, I’d been living back and forth for almost 15 years between my family’s residences in BC and Alberta; so in a way, that piece was like a landscape portrait of my home. Since I’ve been in 100 Mile House for over a year, I had to figure out what landscapes I was now “living between” in order to inspire the imagery for the next couple pages my 2012 sketchbook.  100 Mile House is just north of Kamloops, so it’s fairly centered in BC between borders; I chose an image of the water in the west coast of BC, and one from the other edge of this gorgeous province, of the Rocky Mountains. I really enjoy how I cropped the landscapes to have the tree line continue through both images and have the water line and reflections of the left image connect with the patterns of the wildflowers in the field from the image on the right. The quote from last year’s book was written out with my typewriter in black ink onto a silver dot patterned paper. A metallic orange scrap book paper was chosen to make a frame for the new composite landscape. I love both of these sketchbook spreads! I just wish they were real landscapes where I could build gorgeous log cabins to spend endless days drinking white tea on the veranda while drawing and watching wildlife…