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new furry friends

11 Jul

As you may know, John and I are working towards having fur babies someday soon, but until then we are lucky enough to live vicariously through our new neighbours’ cats.There’s a gorgeous, thin, orange marmalade female who likes to lay on my lap for pets in the morning. Then there’s also a curious, deep-green-eyed tom who peers into the window of my studio late at night, and  happily takes neck scratches or a belly rubs during the day. Their sweet (or sometimes demanding) meows at our front door have become a welcome sound, and their soft fur, cuddly purrs and adorable personalities are a true pleasure to have around. I’m thrilled to have some nearby animals to hug and to draw.

two curled cuties

18 Jan

I spoke briefly about Jenn Cutnam in my last two mail art posts, but to get you up to speed, she is an absolute doll who I luckily met at the One of a Kind Show in Vancouver. She was working at the event, helping a friend who is a jewelry maker, and during one of her walk-abouts, she stumbled upon my booth and fell in love with one of my large scale etchings of a cute little red fox all curled up. Recently she surprised me with the most adorable photo ever of the piece hung in her home with one of her little cats laying underneath, all snuggled into the blankets on the couch. How heart-warming are these two curled up cuties together? The sheer adorableness of it almost made me melt. I absolutely LOVE when customers/friends share photos of my artwork in their homes. It means a great deal to know that I get to be a part of their every day lives. Thanks so much for sharing this Jenn!

thrift store finds

8 Apr

John and I headed up to Williams Lake yesterday for a few things that are tough to find in a small town: specialty cruiser bikes, a wide selection of computer printers & a McDonald’s meal! We had a great time and luckily, after taking the wrong turn on our way to the bike shop, we actually stumbled upon a wicked consignment shop . It ended up being a BIG TIME score; my new acquisitions actually blow my last flea market finds out of the water. These beauties I just couldn’t pass up; bears & owls are always welcome on my bookshelf.

1970’s copies of Sports Afield, Outdoor Life and Field & Stream magazines. These unheard of volumes are filled with some outrageous advertisements and classic animal illustrations.

Three miniature decorative plates glazed with kitschy cat portraits (stands included)!

Illustrated poster postcards from each annual stampede in Williams Lake, BC since 1984.

A reprint tin made in 1990 of the Hershey Sweet Milk Chocolate 1920’s logo and factory.

Last but not least, a set of 1970’s postcards with picturesque and cultural scenes of Norway. Who would have thought that a wrong turn could end up being so right?

(other posts about the new computer printer and my fancy new bike will be coming soon)