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a month of mail art – outgoing – part 2

22 Mar

Today is the final post chronicling late February & most of March’s mail: outgoing part 2. I’ll start with my mail art for Barbara Wanhill (@2catsandapencil). Her quirky twitter name inspired me to make a little custom moleskine, and it was sent along with a bee eater pocket mirror and paper ephemera.Jeannine Saylor‘s (@saylor_made) reply envelope began with an adorable bee notebook that I thrifted. Add in some maps, gardening ephemera, a sexy model dude et VOILA!Dana Davis (@dzynmkr) collects bottle caps; lucky for her my beau drinks unique brews often. I spent several months collecting specific caps, and to my pleasant surprise, she recognizes only 1 of the 10! Vintage alcohol ads & stars were sent with the caps.I’m surprised the Zine Queen Marissa Falco (@czarcastic) is still friends with me, after taking nearly 4 months to reply to her!!! I was waiting to finish ANY of the 5 zines I’ve had on my brain or partially in progress. I recently completed my two sketchbook project zines and thus sent her the very first 2 copies as soon as they were cut, folded and stapled. I was playing around one night in the studio altering postcards, and a super epic mixed media collage emerged. Although I was tempted to keep it on my studio wall, it seemed like the perfect postcard that Rhya Tamasauskas (@rhyat) would truly appreciate.My ABC/123 pen pal Amanda Nicole White (@amanda_ink) got package #3 from me this week. Three epic outer-space items, a trio of bats, and a pile of 3-themed items were sealed into the “part 3: the rendezvous” envelope decorated with airmail tape & stamps.The beautiful Caren Gibb has been super upset about the deer cull going on in Invermere, BC right now (and rightfully so!). I sent her a few antlered friends and two of my new sketchbook project zines to cheer her up. My UK pen pal Anna Jane Searle (@annajanesearle) found a bird chirping her name and address on a large white envelope this week. Inside was a wonderful storybook about pet owls as well as many map, nautical and DIY craft clippings. I sent it with a gorgeous $8 grizzly bear stamp. Check out Anna’s blog post about it to see a beautiful shot of the bear.Crystal Plett (@thehouseofheart) is not only a lover of lions, but she has recently been collecting and trying tons of recipes. These 3 vintage cookbooks ought to make her smile.Another feather and bird loving gal like me, Carol Whitley (@imsilverfeather) was sent one of my screenprinted / handmade envelope plastered with vintage postage stamps was stuffed with tons of fun paper ephemera and craft feathers.And last but certainly not least is a gentleman emblazoned handmade envelope that was sent to Sarah Churchill (@scjammycustard) filled with whiskey treats, a lego card and an envelope informing her of some of my favorites.I hope you had fun with these past four posts that featured the piles of letters and mail art I’ve sent & received. Another set of postal pleasures posts can be expected in just a few weeks time, as I leave for a week-long sunny vacation in just two days, and will inevitably be away from postbox and mail art duties for a few more weekends.

mail art – incoming

18 Feb

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I was spoiled this week with the above incoming mail art treats! Sarah Churchill (@scjammycustard) sent a package of favorites, Jessica Mack sent me her last evnvelope from Australia (@brownpaperbunny), the was a lovely valentine from  Jaime Madellena (@sendmoremail), Caren Gibb spoiled me with sweet book pages & heartfelt letter, Nick Oostyen & Olivia Delorme (@0_delorme) sent another double dose of goodness, Marcus Jackson (@luckyjackpress)found me owls, moustaches and a bird book, Jillian Hermansen (@jillianailsa) went cat crazy and Mr. Munk from The Monster Factory (@_monsterfactory) wrote me a love letter. Thanks for all of the rad treats my wonderful pen pals!!!

weekly mail art

20 Nov

With barely over 2 weeks until OOAK in Vancouver, blogging has proven to be difficult, as it does take up quite a bit of time to type, photo-edit & proof-read. However I didn’t want to deprive my loyal readers of the weekly installment of mail art. So here we go: I needed my birth certificate for my passport application, so I asked my Pops to mail it over from Alberta. Little did I know he would include such thoughtful extras: That vintage photo is a natural tangent into my next letter because my older sister Alison (@mrsalimartin) who also sent me mail as well this week. A long letter typed by a chipmunk accompanied several very fun goodies: book art & beer articles, stamps, paint samples, classic photo and my sisters funniest grade school workbook journal entries written in french about me! TOO GOOD.Someone else who is just like family to me, also wrote this week: Carney Oudendag gifted me the most wondrous handprinted artist book that is over 50 years old. It is by a talented printmaker named Gwen Frostic. Titled “a walk with me” this beautiful publication speaks about nature’s splendor in the most poetic writing and is accompanied by detailed, multi-color linocuts. Carney also wrote me such a kind note and thoughtful inscription on the inside cover. A few parcels I sent at the end of October and early November have made their way to friends: First Caren Gibb found a deer themed package including: fuzzy sticker, stamps, pin back button, flash card and and original mixed media piece on wood. I enjoy my correspondence with Jamie Madalenna (@sendmoremail) because we write letters the old fashioned way, and there is something so much nicer about receiving news written in ink than via a text or tweet. I also usually stuff in one or two goodies; this time I added in vintage comic book themed stamps and an autumn-coloured maple leaf.Alexis Fullenkamp got her second installment of sexy mail art from me. This time it started with a handmade envelope covered in sexy anime characters and japanese tags. I added some sticky bubble quotes for extra hilarity. Inside were some sexy Bieber stickers and drawings as well as a VERY suggestive ‘catalogue man’ postcard, some puffy panda bears and a couple more tantalizing stickers. Alright… postal pleasures have officially been shared. Now, back to the grind!