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an afternoon walk

19 Jan

I’m making some serious progress with my Art House Co-op Sketchbook Project 2012, and am excited to share the first spread. As mentioned in previous posts about this project here and here, I am paying homage to my 2011 sketchbook project which got lost in the postal system. For my latest piece I drew inspiration from this existing spread:I needed to find an interesting paper or texture for the background, draw and paint the skeleton of another strong Canadian mega-fauna, and find a book page with words that related to the image. Here are my results…Big horned sheep instantly make me think of my second home, Invermere. They are everywhere and visitors are ALWAYS impressed to see them in these large groups grazing near the highways. No matter what season it is they always seem to enjoy their leisurely afternoon walk searching for food. Anatomy and animals have been my main focus of my practice for many years now; this, and other skeleton animals I draw, always have a special hold on me, I can’t help but love them. The textures of the folded and scrunched paper turned out lovely, and remind me somewhat of burlap or an old piece of parchment. The crisp graphite lines of the skeleton are soften by the white gouache which fills in the bones. The burnt edges of the book title add to the nostalgic feeling while also creating a context for the piece. I am thrilled with how well “An Afternoon Walk” mirrors the feeling and composition of “Home, Home on the Range,” what do you think?