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Home for Christmas

23 Dec

20121223-101858.jpg20121223-101916.jpg20121223-102314.jpgYesterday John and I hit the snowy roads towards Windermere to start a wonderful holiday vacation. It has been 3 years since we have been able to be home for Christmas, so returning to the Columbia valley for almost a week is a welcome treat. We passed under the IBE gates late afternoon, had a great family dinner at home and spent the evening with my best friend Nick. 20121223-102329.jpg


20121223-102351.jpgThis morning has been spent watching various birds and mule deer play in our front yard. I am feeling so happy and relaxed; exactly the mood I’ve been chasing after for weeks… Feels so good to be home for the holidays.

the mighty woodpecker

25 Sep

Some people might consider animal symbology to be bullshit (like horoscopes or any other sort of divine type readings) but I must admit that in the past, animals who carry certain meanings have crossed into my life at times that are too poignant to dignify their presence as just sheer coincidence. For example, this weekend I was visited by two woodpeckers. One at the beginning of the weekend here in Castlegar and one at the end of my trip in Windermere. Knowing that I had to travel to my cabin in order to put in motion a project that has been a long time coming, as well as using my creativity and the skills of my family to see things come to fruition, it makes sense that a few of these industrious birds paid me a visit. Here’s a short video of the one at my cabin: “When I hear the woodpecker knocking, I think of opportunity. You know the old saying ‘when opportunity knocks, answer the door.’ That’s precisely what I’m driving at here. Woodpeckers are extremely opportunistic themselves. Each tree is a door, revealing tender morsels of food (grubs and ants are their favorites). Other trees will yield against their beak-hammering to provide great mansions for their young…. The symbolic meaning of woodpeckers also point to a need for creative vision. Being opportunistic, woodpeckers can see value everywhere, even in dead trees. Have you ditched an idea or given up on a project? The woodpecker may be trying to tell you to breathe new life into your project, just as they build new homes into dead trees…..When this bird comes pecking, it is a call for us to return to our roots, back to the womb of our ideas and use our intellect and discernment to follow through with our plans.” (read more about the woodpecker here or other animal symbology here).


14 Sep

I’m so excited to be unveiling my latest body of work to you today! Pre-Birds is an on-going series of watercolor paintings that I’ve been creating; they are inspired by the gorgeous colors, textures and patterns of bird egg’s from around the world. Eight pieces have just been listed in my etsy shop (available for only $25 each), and more of these beauties are currently in process in the studio. Want to see other photos of these paintings and learn more about each egg? Just click on the one that you’re curious about!As I mentioned in my post earlier this week (which chronicled detail shots of 4 of the pieces above), I am an artist who is fueled by my fascination with line, texture, media exploration, and of course nature, so this series naturally developed from these personal interests. I have wanted to further incorporate watercolor painting into my practice for quite sometime, because I’ve used it mostly in mixed media pieces (especially my altered book work) but never much on its own. Exploring the wet on wet & dry on wet techniques, as well as playing with the layering capabilities of this medium has been an incredible, exciting and adventurous journey. I am hopeful that the varying marks, line weights, textures, and colors capture not only the luscious sensibilities of these beautiful bird eggs but also the delicate nuances of the medium itself. What do you think of my watercolor Pre-Birds?


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