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full basket and full heart

14 Sep

Well this past week has been a flurry of awesomeness, challenge, excitement and inspiration. Thank you to everyone who read my Etsy Featured Shop interview, and for all of your kind comments all over social media.20130914-101907.jpgEvery day this week, when riding to the post office, my gold bike basket was chock full of orders from the shop, while my heart was full of happiness, love and pride. It is so exciting to have the reach of your brand grow! Dozens of animal lovers who just stumbled upon my shop are now making room in their nests for some of my hand made creatures.20130914-101922.jpgIf you’d like to have a lovely parcel covered in vintage stamps to arrive in your mailbox, why not treat yourself? Thanks once again to those who recently purchased from me; your animals are traveling swiftly towards you. Gratitude is also directed at all my lovely friends on social media with their kind words, love and support; your interest and encouragement are always fuel for my creative fire!

basket full of gold

28 Aug

As many of my readers know, I am in love with my cruiser bike. It has been in my life for 3 years now and has brought me so much joy. Actually, here’s my first ever blog post about it. Many other bike adventures have since been chronicled, including 2 posts about sculpture walk last year, here and here, and one of my most favorite rides of the year here.  The thrill truly does exist in the ride… wide handlebars, cushy leather seat, 3 simple speeds and back pedal brakes, all together make me re-live the childhood joy of cruising the streets. However, good looks are also sometimes a factor, and so of course, the metallic purple paint job and the gold paisley patterns are things I can’t help but show off. goldbaske4The only thing I ever felt was missing from my cruiser was a proper basket. After several diligent searches on the internet and coming up empty handed (I guess gold-guilded bike baskets aren’t all that popular?), I decided to get DIY on my wheels… I mean, c’mon, I wasn’t just going to settle for wicker! I found an awesome basket set up at Canadian Tire: the thing could DETACH from the handlebars… perfect for taking into the store while shopping or for easy unloads at home. The other mandatory ingredient for the project? Gold spray paint. goldbaske2 goldbasket1I got to work and did several coats, on a sunny day, with ample dry time in between. I removed any hardware that I didn’t want turning gold, and made sure to lay down a protective backdrop. It was easier than expected, and honestly the entire thing cost me barely over $30 plus a little bit of my time! goldbaske3Isn’t the new golden vessel atop my purple cruiser absolutely fantastic?

too good tuesday #9

28 May

This edition of too good tuesday is being taken over completely by one event; the best bike ride of the year (so far)! Sunday Funday yielded some fantastic sunny weather and marked the first meet up for the kootenay cruiser gang. 5 friends and myself loaded up our beauties and took a short drive to South Slocan to ride the rail trails. IMG_4515 IMG_4506 IMG_4496 IMG_4511 IMG_4509Everyday I seem to be reminded that I live in paradise; cruising literally 10 feet from a gorgeous river, falling upon lush green marshlands, and looking up to views of mountain peaks. This right here is why I ride a bike, and why I’m friends with nature.

What’s been too good to you lately?