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a secret something (part 1)

17 Apr

I started a little project months ago, for one of my fiance’s best friends, Teddy; he wanted to get something meaningful for his daughter Autumn’s second birthday (not just another pile of toys that would eventually get left behind). After seeing my grizzly portrait that hangs in my family’s cabin, he knew he wanted to commission a large graphite drawing from me. The other two points of inspiration, came directly from his daughter: her nickname “squishy squirrel”, and this stern look that she often gives her dad (reminiscent of a very serious owl). autumnseriousowlfaceWe talked a bit about imagery, but Teddy basically left things up to me… Since we were staying with his family for the OOAK show, I decided to double to size of his commissioned drawing, as a thank you for hosting us. Today I am sharing a couple process photos, and tomorrow I will share the finished piece, along with Autumn’s reaction! autumnsdrawing1 autumnsdrawing3 autumnsdrawing

the first two days

8 Jul

John and I are two days into our vacation and we’re loving life… We hit highway 16 early Wednesday morning and headed towards Jasper. As always, when I get on a road-trip, I am in complete awe of beautiful British Columbia: the mountains, the rolling hills, the dense forest, the bodies of water… it is just the most incredible place on earth. Apart from the views, the trek was enjoyable because John was driving, good tunes were blaring and I was drawing on an altered book. Sooner than expected, we crossed the provincial border into Alberta and made it to Jasper to stop for a quick gas up and lunch.  Afterwards we continued onwards to John’s family cabin in Wabamun, Alberta. To see his parents Jack and Rene, brother Mike & his wife Noi’s and their most adorable new daughter, Lucy Mali, who we hadn’t had the chance to meet yet (apart from on Skype).We had cocktails, a delicious dinner, did lots of talking, ohed/awed at Lucy and just generally relaxed. It was really, really nice. Yesterday, we were in Edmonton staying at Mike and Nois gorgeous house, spending more time with them, the cutest niece ever and their two pugs Monty and Hermes. The afternoon was spent sipping beers amidst conversations in the backyard, Noi made an incredible Vietnamese chicken soup from scratch including home made noodles for dinner and, of course, we were endlessly entertained by the adorable Lucy. Today we drive (not too far) to Camrose, Alberta, John’s hometown, to spend another day forging some more fantastic memories with family and friends. Saturday we back to BC for a week long stay in Invermere together. I’m feeling happy, energized and inspired – a nice break from my recent hectic final days in 100 Mile House of producing and packing.