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my autumn

4 Nov


So far this season, fall has been beautiful and fleeting. Suddenly November arrived, and the trees lost their leaves; I have been left with rain and even the season’s first snowfall. I did my best to capture my experience with autumn so far, especially after my friends shared theirs.


1 Nov

I hope you all had a happy Halloween last night, but perhaps more importantly, I hope you are having a wonderful autumn!  Fall has been in full swing, from full golden trees, to falling red maple leafs, and a bit of the obligatory cold rain and wind. Despite the drop in temperature, this season is hard not to admire… the transformation that nature goes through is truly stunning, which is why I asked readers and friends to submit their photos, drawings, poems, etc inspired by the theme Autumnal. Thank you so much to the following lovelies for submitting these wonderful pieces:Michelle Ashton “I’ve been loving the signs of autumn ~ brisk air, bright colors and crisp fallen leaves to crunch through.” -Kimi Kobashi“My hedgehog says he would love to feature in your Autumn post before he goes off to hibernate for Winter.” -Sarah Hutchinson Burke “As a little girl I was always drawn to the trees in my yard, often spending entire days sitting under their magic blanket of leaves and interweaving branches. Visiting my parent’s house one afternoon with my son, I was drawn back to them. I crawled my way under their low hanging branches and found a spot to sit and snapped this photo. I sat their with my son taking in their magic once again.” – Lisa Marie Tsering “I saw your request for autumnal themed artworks… this illustration of mine is a hand printed lino-cut of a self-portrait based on an old family photo.”– Lorna Cox “I do enjoy your blog, like it that  you live just north of me and share so many interests. The watercolor above is one panel from a five panel series about the foliage around my house through the seasons.” -Katy Gilmore “This was taken on the trail near the cabin where I’m staying in Arizona, in a pine and aspen forest. Some of the aspen leaves are turning yellow, while other trees are already bare, with tall evergreens sprinkled between. The air is so crisp and clean here, it really feels like autumn!” -Anika Starmer

I hoped you enjoyed these autumnal beauties! I will be sharing my Autumnal themed snaps tomorrow and I will be looking forward to seeing your submissions for November’s collaborative post, “Soft Spot.”

a fleeting fall

23 Oct

Although I started celebrating autumn at the beginning of September, the true cool air and orangey red leaves showed up just over a week ago. This is one of the only photos I’ve taken so far of this gorgeously colorful season. Yesterday it started to rain, and it hasn’t stopped; the forecast claims it’s here to stay all week. I am hopeful that when a bit of sunshine comes out again there will still be some wonderful fall foliage for me to capture with my cameras. Might I remind my readers too that there is just under a week left to submit your photographs, images, poems, or any creative entities, to my October’s collaborative post “Autumnal.” Send your submissions to naturesmyfriend@gmail.com and have your work featured here on the blog!