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the cheese monkeys

22 Jan

I wish I was a true book worm. You know, the kind of girl who joins a book club and can easily take on the task of reading a novel a week…. unfortunately, I am nothing of the like! I am proud if I can manage to finish even a dozen novels in a short year. Field guides, wildlife magazines and artists books, yes, those things I read weekly, but soaking up a genuine written story of 200 + pages is something that I am proud to maybe accomplish monthly. Which is why I am currently beaming: I just finished a really good read this week, The Cheese Monkeys by Chip Kidd. 20140122-101357.jpgThis baby was found in the library’s book sale section for just $1, and initially I only picked it up for its good cover design and the two exciting hidden messages on the page’s edge. To my happy surprise, after getting a few pages deep, the story was actually about an undergraduate art & design student, his creative adventures/growth and his class with an erratic but genius professor; clearly this book was something I could relate to. 20140122-101309.jpg20140122-101318.jpg

I truly enjoyed his writing style, as it reminded me of authors like Chuck Palhniauk or James Frey: raw, real, and unapologetic. Because of those things, I turned the pages quickly. My obvious personal connection to the genre didn’t hurt either, with plenty of poignant BFA school references, many raised truths about collegiate life and several jokes that mock art history, the read was very enjoyable. I excitedly suggest this book to anyone who is an artist or has studied in the arts. What book’s been on your bedside table as of late?

sculpture ride – year two

23 Sep

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 11.42.40 AMHad a date with my beau this weekend, and it was lovely. Much like the little excursion we did last year (here and here), we decided to have a picnic lunch in the park and do the Sculpture Walk on our bikes. sculptureride1Castlegar’s Sculpture Walk is an incredible annual event that displays beautiful sculptures, created by over 25 different artists, all throughout our town. The three-dimensional works are installed in the downtown area, encouraging people to get outdoors and see our local businesses, all while experiencing some incredible artwork. Those who do the tour are encouraged to submit a voting ballot, listing their favorite sculptures. Cash prizes are awarded to artists in varying categories, along with people’s choice. The sculpture with the most votes is purchased by the city and becomes part of our permanent collection, and many other businesses, schools and organizations make bids on their favorite pieces.sculptureride3 sculptureride2The kinetic sculpture above, titled “Honkfest,” was my favorite from this year’s submissions. It is an immensely ornate and complex water fountain made by the talented Douglas Walker. Such a lovely mix of found brass objects put into fluid kinetic movement makes this piece so lovably quirky, much like a Dr Seuss story. See it in motion here with a video I took. Also, check out this incredible Vimeo that demonstrates Walker creating in his studio.

Below are several other sculptures that took my breath away:sculptureride8 sculptureride9Kevin Kratz‘s “Fir Cone” impressed me with it’s play on scale, tribute to nature and attention to detail. No surprise to see Kratz turn out another skillful piece, after co-winning the People’s Choice Award last year with his Ridgeline Metail Works partner, James Karthein, for their blue heron piece “Patient Hunter.” sculptureride4 sculptureride5“Head’s Up, Grizzly” by Cathy Jenkins depicts an impressive Grizzly Bear climbing a mountainside. The piece has the smooth softness of a soap stone carving, while also holding the power and majesty inherent in a bronze cast piece. I can’t help but also adore how this gorgeous she-bear watches over my fiancé while he is at work. (Yes he is on the radio, listen to him online here). sculptureride6 sculptureride7Lastly, a creation by Dee Clements that depicts three gorgeous cranes in varying poses (it is titled “End of Day”). As an avid animal lover and true texture junkie, this was easily a favorite of mine. So many things fascinate me about this piece: the outstretched wings reaching to the sky, the detailed foliage, the red enameled areas on the heads… must I go on?

I can’t wait to see all the creations in next year’s sculpture walk… A message to all of you sculptors out there: consider participating in this awesome event! The exposure is big, and there are plenty of prizes to be won. Apply here (you have until October 15th).

take home your totes

22 Jul

pawandhandtote2I am so excited to announce that my line of handmade tote bags is finally being launched online! YAY! These beauties came about as one of my final projects before flying to Toronto’s OOAK for Etsy Canada, then rushing off to both Edmonton and Vancouver’s Make It Shows. I had hoped to list them all when I returned in late spring, but a series of speed bumps (including needing a new point & shoot camera, a big move, and another job on the go…) forced me to take a little longer. I finally had everything lined up (including the sun against these beautiful cedar trees) and got it all done.BLOGtotebags2 You can now find them all in my etsy shop in the tote bag section. Designs available include: The Molecular Bear, Flying Tree Swallow, Making a True Connection (Dog Paw & Hand), Howling Wolf With Full Moon & Jumping Rainbow Trout. BLOGtotebagsEach design is hand cut and hand pressed onto 100% natural cotton tote bags that feature the nature’s my friend logo on the back. Carry around books, groceries, beach swag or extra junk, and look awesome while doing it! They fold up easily to be stashed inside your purse, backpack or car, for whenever you need them next. Feel free to take them on any adventure, because they’re easy to clean: just turn ’em inside out, machine wash in cold water on delicate, then immediately dry on low. backoftotesSave 15% on your purchase until July 28th: Just use the coupon code TOTALLYTOTES during the checkout. For even more savings, grab two totes for twenty and use the discount. Hope you like what you see, because my animals can’t wait to help you carry your extra goodies.