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new stationery & print giveaway

26 Jan

stationeryblog1Happy Sunday friends. I am an excited girl this morning, as I get to finally publish my new stationery line! All of the designs are my own original illustrations or hand-pulled prints. Available are gorgeous, glossy, thick card-stock postcards as well as colourful, matte, half-fold greeting cards printed on sturdy Forest Stewardship Council certified paper. Each comes with it’s own hand-stamped kraft brown envelope made from 100% post-consumer waste. stationeryblog3They are perfect for writing a thoughtful note, sending as a snail mail surprise to a friend, pinning up like a mini-poster on the wall or framing as a small work of art! I have over 20 designs for you to choose from, and have plenty of bundle pack options if you’d like to own more than one! Below are links to each specific listing but if you want to jut see the whole stationery section and browse it yourself, click here. stationeryblog2To celebrate the launch, I am doing an awesome giveaway: anyone who makes a purchase in the next week will automatically be entered to win the limited edition hand-pulled print (seen below) with free shipping and all! Who doesn’t love owls and handmade deliciousness? To learn more about this print, the hand carved block and the printing process, read this blog post about its creation! barnowlprintAs an extra little incentive to encourage you to scoop up some of the new stationery, I’ve created a coupon: save 15% by entering “SENDMOREMAIL” at the checkout. The coupon will be valid until February 1st at midnight, the same duration as the print giveaway! Good luck in the giveaway and have fun in the shop. Below are the direct links to all of the stationery available in my shop, if you want to get straight to the specific goods you like.

▻ 1 tree swallow : http://etsy.me/1eL8MZS
▻ 2 raven “croak” : http://etsy.me/1hUUkj2
▻ 3 pair or paws : http://etsy.me/1fbLdtV
▻ 4 wolf “howl” : http://etsy.me/1jJDYuh
▻ 5 blackbird and poem : http://etsy.me/1dBbnBy
▻ 6 animal kingdom (bear) : http://etsy.me/1juqZyS
▻ 7 elk and cardinals : http://etsy.me/1dWIaXR
▻ 8 horned owl “screech” : http://etsy.me/KQmmA9
▻ 9 caribou and bluebirds : http://etsy.me/1l8svsi
▻ 10 animal kingdom (lion) : http://etsy.me/1dCTfqU
▻ 11 paw and hand : http://etsy.me/1htfX9l
▻ 12 wolf and moon : http://etsy.me/1dWIaXR
▻ 13 silver fox : http://etsy.me/1ejzuWi
▻ 14 red fox “bark” : http://etsy.me/1huEXgq
▻ 15 horned owl (purple) : http://etsy.me/1eLf8br

▻ get 3 for $13 or get 5 for $20 here: http://etsy.me/1dBaFEh
▻ get 10 for $35 here: http://etsy.me/KUwacV
▻ get all 15 for $45 here: http://etsy.me/1hxc2sd

▻ 1 pair of rabbits : http://etsy.me/1e5JKFb
▻ 2 pair of deer : http://etsy.me/1jQkIeJ
▻ 3 pair of red foxes : http://etsy.me/1cgfd7o
▻ 4 pair of gray wolves : http://etsy.me/1jwuTra
▻ 5 pair of big horned sheep : http://etsy.me/1iyBcu0
▻ 6 pair of grizzly bears : http://etsy.me/1hYoEcO

▻ get 3 for $13 : http://etsy.me/KW7TTh
▻ get all 6 for $20 here: http://etsy.me/1e5JNB3
▻ get them individually here: http://etsy.me/1afg61b

three day sale in the online shop

20 Sep

stationerySALEToday marks the start of a 3 day SUPER STATIONERY SALE in my adorable little etsy shop! weeeooo. All of my illustrated postcards and stickers have been MASSIVELY discounted to only $1! YOU HEARD RIGHT: ONE CANADIAN DOLLAR! This is a very rare occasion, so don’t miss out on the sweet savings. Got any pen pals you need to write to? Need some rad stickers to jazz up journals, electronic devices, etc? HOOK YOURSELF UP! Save until Sunday night at midnight. Happy stationery shopping friends :)

brand new stationery

14 Oct

For a long time now I’ve been saving up to get some of my illustrations printed as glossy high quality postcards. It is so awesome to have my love of art, animals and snail mail all collide together for this project. 10 of my creations including screenprints, etchings and mixed media works were selected for the cards. I just finished the tedious task of listing them all in my etsy shop  in the section Postcards and would LOVE to hear your thoughts.