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i feel it in my bones

2 Sep

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 1.39.00 PMBig news today: some of my long awaited etchings have finally nestled into my etsy shop. The first 8 plates of 12 from my “I Feel it in my Bones” series, which detail the intricate anatomy of some beloved Canadian animals, are finally available for purchase here. Woodland creatures include: crow, rabbit, wolf, fox, beaver, bison, ram and grizzly. rabbitskeleton1 wolfskeleton1 bisonskeleton1I am so proud to finally have these for sale, as etching is where my love of printmaking truly grew. What do you think of my newly listed creations?

skeleton & dots

11 Feb

Only one more spread left to share after today’s post and then I will be posting a video and cover shots of my 2012 sketchbook! I’m so excited to reveal the last few creations I worked so hard on. Below is an image from my lost 2011 sketchbook project and the inspiration for one of my last mixed media spreads.As you may remember from my previous post pair of paws, I admitted I am a texture junkie. Two of my favorite “patterns” to play with and draw are small intricate lines that remind me of fur, and tiny little circles that make me think of pores or molecules. I also am very inspired by animal anatomy, and find skeletal structures of all sorts of creatures to be fascinating and beautiful. Since I had already illustrated a bear, I chose another wild favorite of mine to draw: the red fox. I did a bit of experimenting with this page, as I didn’t want to just paste in my fox drawing overtop of my textured background, so I created two plastic vinyl pages with red washi tape boarders so that the skeleton could be peeled back and viewed from both sides, while also allowing all of the circular patterns a bit of room to breathe. Here are a few detail shots of the finished piece:And finally a quick video clip of me drawing a few of those several hundred circles while listening to Pretty Light’s World of Illusion. Only one spread left to share next week and then you will have seen the entire thing!